Chomsky Pushes 40 Year Old Failed Voting Strategy Reply

It’s good to see some of these more independently-minded progressives like Kyle Kulinski, Jimmy Dore, Krystal Ball, and Kim Iverson questioning the sanctity of voting. The argument that Chomsky presents for Biden is rooted in nothing other pathological right-wingophobia. Trump is a con man, glorified carnival barker, and fraudster who pretends to be a populist while mostly governing like a normal Republican (i.e. plutocracy-first, military-first, Israel-first). But that merely makes Trump a “right-wing liberal,” a partisan of the capitalist class, an imperialist, and a Zionist (which describes virtually the entire US political class), and not a fascist or a Nazi. Jimmy Dore and Kyle Kulinski have also, fortunately, pointed out that on many issues (US-Russia relations, US-DPRK relations, Syria, TPP, trade, criminal justice reform, etc.) Trump is to the left of Biden.

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