Should America Aspire To Be More Like China? 2

A Marxist-Leninist commie-worshiper makes his case for Xi Jinping’s neo-Maoism. To Western leftists who want to live under state-communism, I always say join the military where you are guaranteed a job and all your basic needs (food, shelter, clothes, healthcare) are provided. Or if the military is not your thing, then go to jail or prison.

China is a source of serf labor for Western corporations, cheap loans for US debt financing, and, nowadays, a test market for state repression (e.g. the “social credit” system). Although I agree with him when he discusses the relationship between US imperialism and China. If you look at a map of where US military bases on located in Asia and in the Pacific, it’s obvious that the objective is to encircle the countries where the US does not already have a direct military presence (e.g. Russia, China, Iran, etc. the ones that are merely provinces in global capitalism and direct satellites of the Empire).


Chomsky Pushes 40 Year Old Failed Voting Strategy Reply

It’s good to see some of these more independently-minded progressives like Kyle Kulinski, Jimmy Dore, Krystal Ball, and Kim Iverson questioning the sanctity of voting. The argument that Chomsky presents for Biden is rooted in nothing other pathological right-wingophobia. Trump is a con man, glorified carnival barker, and fraudster who pretends to be a populist while mostly governing like a normal Republican (i.e. plutocracy-first, military-first, Israel-first). But that merely makes Trump a “right-wing liberal,” a partisan of the capitalist class, an imperialist, and a Zionist (which describes virtually the entire US political class), and not a fascist or a Nazi. Jimmy Dore and Kyle Kulinski have also, fortunately, pointed out that on many issues (US-Russia relations, US-DPRK relations, Syria, TPP, trade, criminal justice reform, etc.) Trump is to the left of Biden.

AOC’s Hypocrisy Over Biden Support Laid Bare Reply

Alexandria strikes me as a generally well-intentioned person who just can’t shake the partisanship and the SJWism. As I have said before, in order to be fully competitive, the Left needs to do five things: 1) recognize neoliberals as the primary enemy; 2) forget Democratic Party loyalty; 3) forget the SJWism and pathological right-wingophobia; and 4) put anti-imperialism, anti-statism, and class struggle above cultural politics; 5) turn their back on “progressive” worship of the public adminstration state and become anarchists (and not just “anarcho-progressives”).


International Journalist Tells The Truth About Syria Reply

A must watch.

A relevant post from a YouTube commentor:

“The Assad government may not be all roses and sunshine (And I dare anyone to find me a squeaky clean government, any government), but it is a secular and moderate government. Shiites, Sunnis, Alawites etc. and Christians all lived there peacefully, way more peacefully than ethnic groups do in the US. Women enjoy a great deal of rights, they are not required to cover their hair or face, the universities actually had more female students than male. Assad is by no means a dictator, if you look at the region, he is a rainbow farting unicorn in comparison to some of the murderous psychos on US payroll.”