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    • Trump and the Republicans motivate liberals to hate the federal government they otherwise love. Democrats motivate conservatives to hate state and local governments (for example, the 2nd Amendment protest in Virginia against the Democratic administration a few months ago). The most strategically advantageous situation for we anarchists is (probably) for there to be a permanent Republican-dominated perceived “fascist” federal government with the Democrats dominating the states and localities as much as possible.

      It will vary with different election cycles, but I think the way it will go in the future is that the Republicans will continue to dominate the Senate and federal judiciary for quite some time, with the Democrats generally being dominant in the House. The large cities and heavily populated states will be Democratic-dominated and the sparsely populated states will be Republican-dominated. The presidency is the big toss-up because the Republicans are swimming against the demographic tides. They could still be competitive if they moved left and became a populist-nationalist party like France’s National Front, but that would put the Trump and Tucker Carlson types in conflict with the plutocrats and war profiteers that currently own the GOP (Adelson, Inc.). Although it might work if the Republicans continue to suck up to the Israel-Firsters, which Trump has no problem doing. He’s the most pro-Zionist president in US history.

      • It’s no wonder why it’s well legitimately believed that (((Donald Trump))) is the antichrist. It’s so wonderful that everybody is becoming overwhelmingly Anti-Trump & Anti-Israel, because its always the EVIL (((Reactionary Conservative Evangelical Christian Republicunts))) who’re always behind the (((Zionist New World Order Right-wing Tyranny))). There’s absolutely no such thing as a Chinese Virus, it’s always Israel the true enemy of humanity & Trump the Tyrant who’re the real virus, & China is innocent, was just the very first victim of a Zionist Bioweapon created by (((Israel))) and (((Donald Trump))) called the Covid1984 Trumpvirus, & all those news stories about a Chinese Virus are all LIES, because it doesn’t exist. Should we all boycott Israel & buycott Asia in general culturally? I’m so grateful to see more people more increasingly Anti-israel & Anti-Trump more than ever, because (((Zionism))) is a global menace, & what’re your thoughts on my theories about the Corona Virus, Keith Preston? I’m just curious that’s all

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