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Video Shows McDonald’s Banning Black People In China, Social Justice Activists IGNORING China

Theoretically, both Russia and China (the Eastern wings of the International Five Families) are societies that meet most of the characteristics of what Westerners think of as “fascism.” Both exhibit chauvinistic nationalism, authoritarian statism, “crony capitalism,” wide class divisions, patriarchy, racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia. Neither one is particularly eco-friendly nor is either one especially enamored of Pride Marches.

The neoliberals who own the Democratic Party (Soros, Inc.) love China because they love access to cheap prison and/or serf labor. The New Class urbanites love cheap Chinese electronic consumer products. And the “Left” loves China because they are non-Caucasians and theoretically practice socialism or communism (actually, they are something closer to Confucians or Legalists within the context of Chinese traditions).

The right-wing plutocrats who own the Republican Party (Adelson, Inc.) hate China because China’s state-owned industries are competitors to their own industries. The post-bourgeois proletarian constituents of the Republicans hate the Chinese because they regard Western capitalist access to Chinese labor as a threat to their class interests. And the nationalist Republicans hate the Chinese as seemingly exotic aliens.

The neoliberals hate Russia because Russia is a nationalistic regime that functions as the primary military and political obstacle to the neoliberals’ dream of a unipolar world order run by the American Empire under the cover of transnational institutions like the United Nations. The New Class urbanites and the “Left” hate the Russians because they are a conservative, traditional, Caucasian, Christian society that resists Western liberalism. And it is precisely for this reason that many on the far-right are increasingly enamored with Russia.

Of course, the neocons (like Bill Kristol) and their allies (like John Bolton) combine all of these hatreds into one in their fervor to wage war on the entire world at the same time (as even Trump acknowledged).

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  1. I love getting cheap good quality stuff from China though, Keith Preston, but I still have no idea who Adelson is. Who is Adelson, Keith? I’m just curious that’s all

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