Nathan Robinson explains his feud with Vox on why the left doesn’t owe Biden anything

A key difference between the populist/progressive/social-democratic left and the populist-right is that the populist-right represents cultural, demographic, generational, and economic sectors that are in a state of decline, shrinking in size, and have been losing power for decades. Ultimately, “right-winginess” is a failed strategy for this reason.

For 20 years, I’ve been writing articles pointing out the inadequacy of the right as far as mounting a real challenge to the ruling class (see here, here, here, here, and here). The legacy of the postwar conservative movement (the Buckley-Goldwater-Reagan axis) has been to simply be overrun and co-opted by the neocons while serving as useful idiots for the military-industrial complex, right-wing of the plutocracy (old monied elites and the Sunbelt industries) and right-wing Zionism (AIPAC). While there have certainly been serious right-wing intellectuals like Sam Francis who have recognized this and favored replacing “conservatism” with right-wing populism, the demographic problem remains. The best hope for the right would be to help develop a libertarian-left that at least recognizes the right of non-leftists to exist.

But what is remarkable about the populist/progressive/social-democratic left is that all of the major demographic (the growing size of minority populations), cultural (the entrenchment of the 1960s cultural revolution), generational (younger people lean much further left than older people), and economic (class divisions on the Great Depression level) trends are moving in their favor, and yet they still manage to fuck it up.

On a general level, I’d argue that the US Left has four basic currents: the “Vote Blue No Matter Who” neoliberal cock-sucking left, the honest social-democratic left (Jimmie Dore, Krystal Ball, Kyle Kulinski, Jill Stein, Margaret Kimberley, David Pakman, Chris Hedges, Jacobin), the gutter-retard left (the SJW/Antifa axis), and the actual Commie left (Caleb Maupin, Jason Unruhe, PSL, WWP, IAC, RCP, etc).

I’d argue that ATS actually represents the furthest left tendency in US politics, i.e. revolutionary anarchism that completely rejects the state, electoralism, the Democratic Party, the neoliberal class, the New Class, the SJW/Antifa paradigm, and the Leninist vanguard party/revolutionary dictatorship concept in favor of the overthrow of governments, ruling classes, and empires everywhere, with the concept of “pan-secessionism” essentially being an anarchist version of the “popular front” strategy pushed by the Stalinists of yesteryear, but with a specifically anti-statist and decentralist orientation that allows for a breakdown of barriers between left, right, and center, and allows for the creation of an authentic “anarcho-populism.”

The problem with the left/right hybrid populism that Krystal and Saager favor (aside from its non-revolutionary, semi-establishmentarian reformism) is its statism. US politics at present amounts to different cultural tribes trying to gain control of the state apparatus, which is why virtually all of the tribes regard rival tribes rather than the actual ruling class as the “main enemy” (much to the delight of the ruling class). The pan-anarchist alternative is self-determination for all tribes, from junkies, hookers, polygamists,  and gangbangers to snake handlers, faith healers, militiamen, and sovereign citizens, and everything in between.


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