Economics/Class Relations

Dealing With Quarantine Anxiety & Depression With Johann Hari, Plus Matt On Bailouts | Useful Idiots

A reader highly recommends this episode of Useful Idiots:

“Although the title implies a discussion of depression and anxiety in relation to being in coronavirus quarantine, what followed was in my opinion a more substantial discussion of longstanding issues of psychological ill-health living under neoliberalism (and neoliberalism’s interest in de-politicizing mental illness in order to deflect attention from its own systemic failings). Consumerism is discussed but also the mental exhaustion exerted on the lower classes through the everyday drudgery of over-work to just scrape by, with many of course living constantly on the precipice. Hari also relates a story of a rent strike that took place in a Berlin neighborhood among punks, gay men, and conservative Muslim immigrants that seemed particularly relevant to the ATS paradigm.”

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