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Is Dollar Totalitarianism on the Way?

“Many people assume that the present crisis – engineered, as it is – will be followed by a more totalitarian system, but we should never lose sight of the fact that ‘liberal democracy’ is already a form of totalitarianism and the only difference between a system in which the leader of a political party is seen to be at the forefront of the decision-making process, as opposed to a more obvious dictator such as Hitler or Stalin, is that everything is presented in a considerably more benign fashion. In addition, those who actually vote for such politicians truly believe they have a stake in the system itself and this creates the illusion of choice. If and when things settle down and the mass media finally stops telling us that coronavirus is the new Black Death, it seems fairly certain that the world will be far more centralised. Not merely in terms of the lesser capitalists having fallen by the wayside and power being in the hands of an even smaller number of people, but also in terms of our ability to express meaningful political dissent.

Totalitarianism, therefore, which was there all along, might not seem as benign as it once was and this is precisely why the globalists will try to shore up their defences. One thing is certain, the triumph of a more ruthlessly streamlined economy will take place amid the promise of a swift return to normality. Those media sources which have been detailing the alleged boredom of confinement have already started to plant the seeds of resignation in the minds of the masses and those who are incapable of occupying their minds for more than five minutes will invariably accept the first thing that comes along. Even if they end up dancing in the streets with joy, as they did at the end of the Second World War, the feeling of emancipation that comes with leaving the confines of one’s home will become fuel for those who announce a new dawn of social freedom. Your chains will have tightened a little, but if we are to share the inestimable debt of the next few centuries then it will all be for the best. Keep your head down, work hard, and be sure to tell the authorities about those who dare to yearn for the slightly more palatable totalitarianism that came before.” -Troy Southgate

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  1. The monetary despotism of central banking, almost everywhere legally introduced over a century ago, has been a totalitarian State feature by its very nature, right from its beginning and it is the fundamental cause of all inflations, deflations, legalised credit restrictions and stagflations ever since. It should be replaced by full monetary, clearing and credit system freedom a.s.a.p. – John Zube, 3.4.20.

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