Don’t Let Panic Force You to Support a Growing Fascist Police State

By Ahjamu Umi


Its important to contextualize what’s happening throughout the world today with the challenges facing us from the potential  growth of COVID 19.  If what we are learning is true, this virus has devastating capacity.  Even if you are healthy and strong, you can hold the virus, without knowing it, for up to a fourteen day incubation period.  During that time, you can unknowingly pass the virus on to countless people who do not have the benefit of a strong immunity system.  This is an unprecedented element that forced me to start thinking isolation, despite the fact I’m really not concerned about the virus as it relates to impacting my body.

Those are obviously real concerns.  Its also worth repeating that millions of colonized and oppressed people across the world are forced daily to live under martial law conditions.  Empty shelves at stores.  Restricted movement.  Lack of food and healthcare resources.  In countries like Zimbabwe, Iran, Cuba, and Venezuela, these stark conditions result in large part due to U.S. led capitalist economic sanctions against them for refusing to tow capitalism’s line.  In other parts of the world the exploitative nature of capitalist dominated production of goods and services continues to maintain this system of very few haves, and millions of have nots. 


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