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Saagar Enjeti: Pelosi, Biden, Kamala BETRAY workers while GOP fills in the gaps

For decades, I have thought that as the Republicans’ demographic base continues to shrink, and as the WASP working to middle classes continued to decline socioeconomically, that the GOP would reinvent itself (at least rhetorically) as a right-wing populist party (which would mean moving to the left of neoliberals on economic issues and becoming more like France’s National Front, for example). I have also predicted that neoliberal Democrats would essentially become the ruling class party, and face an insurgency from the left as well. We’ve already gotten a taste of that, of course, but the coronavirus crisis seems to be dramatically escalating the process. The Republicans have now shifted to the left of the DNC/neoliberals on class issues. Biden, Pelosi, etc. are the “new conservatives.”

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