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Rope-A-Dope: How Red Flag Laws Will Eliminate Us Both

By Natasha Maria

An awful tragedy occurs, a shooting, a riot, a brawl, and as usual we hear the immediate cry, “Won’t the government do something to stop this?”

Yes, yes it will, in fact it wants you to beg them to.

Whether it be a mass shooting, or a riot in the streets, both are symptoms of a dysfunctional and neurotic society. The causes of such are deserving of multiple papers and discussions. The response though…that is the rub these days, that is what we must reassess.

-To the Right-

Whether an innocent journalist gets beat down, stores get windows broken, or a man gets a metal lock to the skull, the right are quick to call Antifa a ‘terrorist organization’. This is inconvenient for me I assure you. I consider myself to the right, and have done my fair share of talking smack about Antifa and enjoying their many failures. Nonetheless, the right must put their partisan anger aside and look at the bigger picture. Supporting legally categorizing Antifa as a ‘terrorist organization’ is not just shooting yourself in the foot, it is sawing off your whole leg. Of course Trump and the GOP support this, whipping the right into a frenzy, ‘do something to stop these masked thugs!’ Yes, do something alright, place yourself into a circular firing squad, having your enemy shot and you along with him.

-To the Left-

Let’s complete the circle. Mass shootings are horrific and unacceptable. It is beyond the scope of this article to discuss the myriad of possible things that could be done to prevent or remedy what is causing this psychotic malfunction in society. Many of the shooters have had ‘manifestos’ which have espoused half-done White Nationalist-like thought. Again, Democrats and their constingency cry, “White Nationalism is the new terrorist threat!” And again, people are whipped into a frenzy, preaching that these dissident rightists must be labeled a ‘terrorist organization’ and handled as such. The latest, and most threatening development from this, is the idea of a ‘Red Flag Law’.

How vague, how flexible, how convenient. A man deported over ‘anti-American’ social media posts, or another jailed for social media posts that sounded ‘threatening’. Under such type laws, left or right, dissidence will be deemed a threat to the establishment, categorized as terrorism, and swiftly eliminated. It’s definition of dissidence will be flexible, and why shouldn’t it be? Both left and right have supported this flexibility.

“Oh but you don’t get it, the *insert ideology* made death threats against me on social media!”

Yes, we are all aware of the stupidity both sides have immersed themselves. I am not saying do not take these things lightly, only that even when this occurs, it is folly to expectedly turn to the state and let them hear the magic words, ‘please do something’.

-Only One Winner-

And so the circular firing squad is complete. The right or GOP gets Antifa categorized as a ‘terrorist organization’. And the left or Democrats get ‘white nationalists or dissident right’ categorized as a ‘terrorist organization’. The only winner in this is the establishment, the status quo, the state, and both partisan fringes have put themselves in easy crosshairs.

Always remember. What the State can do to the ones you oppose, the State can also do to you.

Do not be rope-a-doped. Do not get played. That is all it is. Whip the left up into a frenzy, enough to support legally labeling the dissident right ‘terrorists’ and imprisoning them. Whip the right up into a frenzy, enough to support legally labeling the dissident left ‘terrorists’ and imprisoning them as well. Doing so, the establishment have eliminated both.

-Disengage and Reassess-

It may not ever be likely that either dissidents put their irrational frenzy aside, step away from the spectacle, and consider who the real enemy is. The establishment plays both sides against one another. The oligarchy is only concerned with preserving itself, and any dissident threat will be sabotaged and eliminated. Racial conflicts do matter, class disparity does matter, but what matters above all is realizing who the real puppeteers are and not playing into their circus games. When such events occur, step back and ask, “How does the establishment want me to respond?” Then observe the media, observe the politicians, observe those who parrot them, and notice how quickly the masses reverberate without thought.

It is much like a tuning fork of titanic proportion. It is tapped, sending out vibrational waves, and the masses immediately sinc to that wave. 

Step away. Secede from the spectacle. Do not be drawn in by that tuning fork.

Optimistically what would be preferred is that the left and right begin to call out the establishment for its attempts to manipulate and eliminate via ‘red flag laws’ and so forth. If the left and right took a momentary break from firing at one another, and began firing at the ‘powers that be’. Of course, both have slightly varying definitions of the establishment. The left will attack Trump and ignore the Clintons, the right will attack the Clintons and ignore Trump, but is this so incorrect after all? As long as they are attacking the establishment. And for a moment we had this, when the obviously false narrative of Epstein’s “suicide’ occurred there was a moment where we all came together and called the establishment out for what it is. We called out the obviously false narrative which the media broadcasted. We are not incapable of this, we are simply too stubborn and frenzy driven, too easily distracted, and too drawn in by that tuning fork.

Now I will admit, targeting something deemed the ‘establishment’ is indeed vague. As I have heard others say, there is a certain frustration in being unable to know the exact names or put a face to this foggy ‘other which pulls strings’. This is fair, so let us re-angle it to imagine what it would be like if differences were put aside momentarily and the media itself were called out instead. The media is the direct tool of the establishment. In fact there is no more powerful tool in existence than the scripted narrative which beams into our skulls through the maddening screens that surround us daily. The partisan masses essentially receive their ‘marching orders’ from their go-to media as soon as a tragedy occurs. They then carry out repeating the narrative, frenzy as can be, exactly as needed.

So again, what if instead of reacting immediately to the media hysteria of a tragic event, we responded as suggested earlier? Would then there be a ‘snap out of’ the narrative hypnosis which immediately begs the State to ‘do something’? I implore both right and left, especially far right and far left as well, to consider doing this next time a tragedy occurs. We cannot fall into a frenzied hatred for one another, and hurredly beg the State to slap ‘terorrist’ onto the other. If we do, we are both done. Simple as that.

Do not get rope-a-doped.

I conclude with the statement mentioned above, and one others have repeated for decades, “What the State can do to the ones you oppose, the State can also do to you.”

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  1. Truly based and excellent. Although I would point out that the actual dissident right was fed up with Trump by 2018 at the latest. They’re criticizing him just as much as the left now, albeit on different grounds. He’s just the reverse Obama. Those among the alt right still suporting him uncritically are essentially astroturf. None of which lessons the strength of your argument, however. Just sayin.

  2. Most people are stupid selfish serfs. There is no reasoning them out of their media led spoon-fed hypnotic stupor. They believe whatever they’re told to think and then support whatever subsequent political agenda, thinking that it’s their patriotic duty and moral obligation. In this case, it’s (to state the obvious) to set a legal precedence for gun confiscation.

    Expose the false flaggery and shenanigans and you’ll be met with cognitive dissonance and denial, rejection, etc. …anything to protect the integrity of their govern-god.

    That said, …The answer to the mass shootings is to promote wide spread gun ownership and concealed carry. It is the difference between mass casualties and a manchurian candi…err…umm… ‘crazed gunman white nationalist’ being shot before he can get to victim number three or four. Try that nonsense in a venue with half the people packing heat – ain’t happenin’. But that’s too reasonable for the masses to understand and accept.


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