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Feminism Against Chauvinistic Feminism

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

I’ve long considered myself to be a feminist, even before I realized I was trans. It’s always seemed like basic common sense to me that people shouldn’t be defined by the contents of their genitalia but by the quality of their character. Regardless of where you stand on rape culture or abortion or Hillary goddamn Clinton, that’s really what it all comes down to. That and realizing the basic fact that our society treats women and anyone perceived as feminine like second class citizens at best. If you ask most people, left, right, or center, on these basic realities of American life, they’ll generally (if begrudgingly) agree with you. Then why is feminism still such a controversial subject? Try casually mentioning it on almost any given message board and count the seconds before a dozen trolls threaten to rape and gut you and leave you for dead by the highway. Seriously, fucking try it. I have. The very word feminism seems to bring the worst out of people online.

And the tough medicine is that this happens on both ends of the spectrum. The lion share of people actually willing to declare themselves feminists online seem more concerned with self-righteous virtue signaling than equality. Even with all their bluster, most cyber-feminists seem to work very hard to mirror the vitriolic hate-fuckery of the weirdly rape obsessed sexist troglodytes of the “Men’s Movement”. The only thing rarer than an open feminist online seems to be an open feminist who doesn’t feel entitled to instruct other people on how to live their lives, like some role-crazy guidance counselor with a yard stick up their ass. I’m sure a lot of this ugliness is just the action-reaction-action of two camps of morons feeding off the fumes of one another’s farts but in spite of what my birth certificate says, I am not a man. I am a feminist. So I can only do my best to answer for the foibles of my own movement. I can only ask, what happened to us? How did we get from basic bare bones human equality to this shit show of cunt on cunt cyber violence? Why do all feminists get treated like shit? And, perhaps more important, why do so many feminists treat anyone who disagrees with them like shit? We can’t blame it all on men.

In my view, a lot of this trouble seems to go back to Second Wave Feminism. The First Wave of Feminism was as radical as it was diverse. The movement was multiracial, largely middle class, and included everything from conservative pro-life Quakers to free loving individualist anarchists. They all came together against the common foe of patriarchy, supporting equal parenting and property rights and, above all else, suffrage. Most of them were also veteran abolitionists and played major roles in nearly every revolutionary movement of the 19th and early 20th century.


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  1. Open feminists are RARE online? Yeesh, what filter bubble do you live in? Not only are feminists quite common online, but I agree, the respectful ones ARE really rare. Even as a woman myself, I can’t help but staunchly oppose modern-day feminism.

    Don’t get me wrong, I fully support equal rights for all. REAL equal rights, regardless of sex, race, religion, etc. No special protections for anyone, whether they be a man, woman, police officer, or government official. If this is what you mean, REAL gender equality, don’t call it feminism. The focus on the feminine aspect is sexist.

    In most Western nations, women currently have MORE rights and protections than men. If a man and a woman commit the same crime, men receive harsher punishment. Many laws define men as being the sole perpetrator. Infant male circumcision is legal here in the United States, while female genital mutilation is illegal, even the most minor of procedures. Women are excempt from the “selective service” or draft.

    I used to consider myself a feminist, back when I was 12 and thought I was a fire demon dragon princess. Now I simply consider myself a morally ambiguous anarchist. My mother raised me to fear men, but now I fear other women even more. And I fear FOR the men in my life in an increasingly misandrist society.

    Again, I don’t blindly hate all feminists. I respect those who truly strive for equal rights, NOT special rights, those who would better be described as egalitarian. I respect reasonably sex-positive feminists, although I also respect modesty and discretion. Hell, I may even respect the most sexist, misandrist, disrespectful feminists IF they are isolationists and genuine anti-state anarchists. So my husband, father, uncles, and brothers are safe from their misandry.

    At this time, my brother’s wife is currently pregnant with identical twins. They want boys, my mom wants boys, but I pray for girls. Why? I don’t trust them to properly raise men, not after how my mom raised my brother. And girls would be safe from infant circumcision. If there are laws protecting girls from genital mutilation, those same laws should protect boys, but that isn’t the case. Better yet, away with law and state. Then I could just castrate my brother if he tries to hurt my nieces or nephews.

    Anyway, good article. Not quite what I was expecting.

    • There are also leftwing nonreligious pro-life feminists as well, since leftwing nonreligious pro-lifers like are already growing and that’s a very good thing

      • I assume you chose the word “nonreligious” rather than “atheist” for a reason. Similar to my feelings on modern-day feminism, I can’t help but scorn self-identified atheists…. Especially those who deny that atheism is just another religion.

        • Well yes, in an actually broad sense, including not just atheists, but also agnostics, deists, pantheists (I’m one), plus left-wing nontraditional pro-lifers including the Newer generations of Pro-Life Feminism in general is growly quite well, hopefully will someday outnumber those conservative evangelical Christian scumbags. Remember the fact that those Racist Conservative Republican Nazi asshats are the ones who legalised abortion. Roe v. Wade was actually written by a Republican Illuminati Nazi. Have you heard of some of the well known nontraditional pro-life & pro-life feminist organizations like Secular Pro-Life and Rehumanize Intl.?

          • I think I may have heard about Rehumanize. The name kinda sticks out, y’know. To be honest though, as much as I personally find abortion distasteful, I see much bigger fish to fry. The risk of taxes, imprisonment, surveillance, police violence, eminent domain, etc….The right to build a wall around my home, bear weapons I feel comfortable defending my family with, refuse mandatory or “implied consent” medical treatment, cook and eat my neighbor for dinner….

            That last one is kind of a joke, although I do support the right to cannibalism. But if I were to support laws criminalizing abortion, that would set a precedent for restricting or mandating other practices, such as forcing vaccination and psychiatric medication on threat of imprisonment. Abortion should be neither restricted nor encouraged, but left between women and their communities.

            If backwoods-ass Little Town lynches women who receive abortions, so be it. Move somewhere with others who share your values. If the Veggie Cat Commune with their plastic skyscrapers and soy lattes force all white women to receive abortion, I really don’t care, because I don’t live there. I live closer to backwoods-ass Little Town.

            While I’m certainly a “big picture” anarchist who opposes ALL petty human attempts at law and order, I’m honestly quite similar to those “Republican Illuminati Nazis” on a more down-home level. I don’t vote, don’t hate Jews or black people, I absolutely scorn the affluent while honoring primitive indigenous people as living ancestor spirits….But if I HAD to vote, I’d probably vote for the Republican with the strongest stance on gun rights and property rights. Protecting my family is infinitely more important to me than the rights of other women. Again, I say this as a women myself: I would EAT them if necessary. 🙂

            • Lol, that’s not what I meant by “Republican Illuminati Nazis”. Historically, the Nazis actually forced women to get abortions, that’s what fascist patriarchy is really like. Then, there’s the state socialist patriarchy of China that also forces women to get abortions. Yup, abortion has always been anti-feminist by design.

              • I really don’t see the patriarchy anywhere in modern America. Is this patriarchy the reason I still have my clitoral hood, while my husband had his foreskin chopped off as an infant?

                  • I apologize, but I simply have no interest in any variety of feminism. At least not here in the US where men are now more oppressed than women. Whether it be secular feminism, pro-life, or pro-choice. Feminism is no longer about equality, if it ever really was, regardless of what the dictionary says. Those who believe in true equality would do better to call themselves egalitarian, while those who cling to the feminist label should reevaluate whether they support equal rights or just female rights.

    • These are the types of comments we need a lot more of from women, who speak out against this bullshit ideology. Most women, for some reason, just don’t speak out against our blatantly misandrist society. Maybe they’re too afraid or something, which frankly means they have no principles.

      Anyway, I agree. Feminism is not, nor was it ever, a movement for equality. The clue is in the title. The problem with self-described feminists is figuring out which ones are the sexists and which ones are the true egalitarians, and even a lot of the egalitarian ones believe in these bullshit ideas like “patriarchy”, which is another problem. The writer of this article is probably one of them, a delusional moron who believes women ever had it that much worse. Whenever someone says women were “oppressed”, I’m always quick to point out who had more responsibilities and who suffered more throughout history. It certainly wasn’t women.

      I just don’t know why you liked the article, given that you seem to also strongly disagree with it.

  2. “Even with all their bluster, most cyber-feminists seem to work very hard to mirror the vitriolic hate-fuckery of the weirdly rape obsessed sexist troglodytes of the “Men’s Movement”.” You never actually read Warren Farrell or Robert Bly, did you?

  3. “fist swinging bitches like Kathy Acker, Gayle Rubin, Courtney Love, Camille Paglia, Leslie Feinberg Wendy McElroy and Lisa Crystal Carver”

    Camille Paglia on The Myth of Male Power:

    ““A bombshell… Forces us to see our everyday world from a fresh perspective.”
    –Camille Paglia, The Washington Post”


    ““I cannot think of another book I have read in the past decade that has stimulated a comparable amount of new thinking in me… It is one of the most challenging, stimulating (and mind-blowing) books I have ever read.”
    –Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D., author of The Psychology of Self-Esteem”

  4. Critics of the more modern and militant version of older left movements and institutions should keep in mind that this movement towards the militant is progress per se and will not abate. In so far as someone, nominally left or right, opposes the modern version of feminism and feminist activism (or racialism), they are a reactionary and enemy of the neoliberal left ascendancy.

    • I agree, unfortunately. This “progress” toward militant atheism, feminism, and veganism is an inevitable (and totally natural) phenomenon. Really, I have a firm belief that most of the these issues are the result of overpopulation. Rats and mice exhibit militant feminist behaviors in crowded conditions. What are we humans, but giant naked rats?

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