Robert Stark interviews Aleksey Bashtavenko about Education

Robert Stark interviews Aleksey Bashtavenko about Education


Aleksey Bashtavenko is the owner and principal writer for Academic Composition

Topics include:

The History of Education

How education was originally reserved for the elites

Voltaire’s statement that the masses should be guided and not educated

How Senator Horace Mann modeled the American education system on the Prussian Model that was compulsory and based on regimentation, obedience, and conformity

How the value of a College Diploma has vastly decreased

How Student Loan debt is greater than the National debt

Education as a profit making industry

Online Degree Mills

How Public Education is becoming more like the Online Degree Mills

How Education prepares people for the corporate world

Why Alexey supports the abolition of compulsory education

Why Alexey advices people learn a skilled trade rather than attend College

How unemployment and income inequality have increased as more people have College degrees

How Nietzsche viewed religion as a slave morality and how after the elites created a secular version of slave morality in education

Why Alexey views ghost writing as an act of subversion against the system


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  1. I have wonderful news for you, cool Mr.Keith Preston, that the equally awesome, but not perfect C4SS has a nice new article that calls out the dumb nature of the Illiberal Regressive Left SJW Pansies:
    I have a feeling that my ideological Libertarian Left comrades might suffer the wrath of the Illiberal Regressive Left SJWs, cause SJWs think the word spook is racist. We should have warned our great comrade Kevin Carson about it. I tried to warn him about it on Twitter, and he got overwhelmed by me. At least it’s great that my e-mail conversations with him have been positive, he didn’t mean to block me though. I need to explain that I’m autistic.

        • I mean that if C4SS is calling out the excesses of PC, then PC must be really out of control. I actually like and agree with many of the things on C4SS, although they always seemed to take the PC stuff into the Twilight Zone.

          My general feeling about the “identity” politics issues is that I am only interested in working with people who want to move past all that. And that includes those from the Right as much as from the Left. Everyone is going to have their own take on those questions based on their own experiences and vantage points. I have no problem tolerating contending views on identity issues just as I have no problem tolerating contending religious beliefs, economic preferences, food practices, sexual lifestyles, scientific theories, historical interpretations, etc. But as I have said before, endless debates about “Who is most oppressed?” don’t interest me. I see endless arguing over those conflicts as playing into the system’s hands.

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