Attack the System Starts New Current Affairs Centered Podcast

Keith Preston, one of the most prominent intellectuals in the dissident right and the chief editor of Attack the System, has launched a new podcast focused on news stories from a dissident right and anarchist perspective.
The podcast, which is titled “Kick the Puppy” features Preston and associate R,J, Jacob discussing and analyzing recent news stories.


Preston addressing one of Richard Spencer’s NPI conferences
 before the Alt-Right became retarded.

In an exclusive interview with Trad News, Preston explained that the podcast would be a major departure from his earlier, intellectually heavyweight podcasts which used to appear regularly at Attack the System.


“It’s going to be a much more ‘low brow’ podcast than the previous ones, which were more academic and ideological,” Preston explained to our reporter.

“This podcast is intended to be an outreach project beyond the usual fringe political circles. I call it ‘anarcho-tabloidism’ in the sense that it’s intended to reach a much larger, more mainstream audience by simplifying the content, and blending in a lot ‘news of the ridiculous’ content that appeals to general audiences.”

But while the content may seek to be popular or populist, surely the title of the podcast is a push in the opposite direction. Why did Preston choose such a blatantly disturbing title?

“The title was chosen for its offensiveness: [to symbolise] smashing all sacred taboos.”

So, expect an edgy take on the news of the day, and even though Preston and Jacobs will be “keeping it simple” expect the podcast to still have plenty of intellectual insight.
Listen to the FIRST EPISODE here.

Listen to the SECOND EPISODE here.

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