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Charlottesville After A Year—As An Outsider, I Think the Alt-Right Far from Finished

By Paul Gottfried

Unz Review


We’re approaching the one-year anniversary of the fateful Unite The Right Rally, at which the violence that took place was all blamed on the “Alt-Right”, leading to much persecution (deplatforming, firings, conferences cancelled) of people identified with that movement. It’s been said repeatedly that the Alt Right is dead or dying—but it can’t be, if Conservatism, Inc is still trying to kill it.

It seems that Jonah Goldberg has time left over from beating up on Trump and refurbishing his credentials as a leading “conservative” Never-Trumper to hobnob with House Speaker Paul Ryan at Jonah’s stamping grounds, AEI. The two of them agreed recently that the “Alt-Right is about “identity politics.” In what appears to be a mutual congratulation session, the interlocutors proclaimed that “conservatives must reclaim “hijacked” terminology.”


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  1. “Whatever your preferred ideology your immediate choice is between Nationalism or Imperialism (Globalism). The Globalists would rule the Earth by force of arms. A hand full of stateless monopolists would own the Earth. The people of Earth would be their serfs in an eternal Feudalism. Trump ain’t much but he’s all we’ve got. And to the Globalists we are mud people.”

    Best comment on there, except the bit about Trump. Ol’ Donnie is just gettin’ played too.

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