Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

“They interfered in our election!” -Power Elite Crybabies

This is actually a very incomplete list. It only includes acts of imperialist aggression by the USA since 1945, and the many, many examples from before that, and it’s not even a complete list of the post-’45 examples.

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“Plenty folk say they are outraged over Russia possibly interfering in US elections, jeeze fancy any country doing that.
But it does seem Clinton received $400,000,000.00 secretly from a Russian businessman.

Now folk are outraged Trump questions the stories told him by CIA, FBI, It would take a very special kind of special stupid to trust them, and even greater stupid to argue they are trustable.

The bankers owned media sure have folks suckered into what they are told they should think, without any thinking involved.

As if anyone would interfere in another peoples country.” -Russell Malcolm

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  1. This is I can agree. The Russians were also involved in the old days even more with the Democrats since they were more sympathic with the Soviet Union. Bernie Sanders that cries about this Honeymoon in the Soviet Union as a young man.

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