American Decline

Reflections on Idiocracy

A Facebook reader comments:

“The original Black Panthers were pretty awesome too. I haven’t seen any leftist groups that are even on their level either these days. Even the 70’s radical groups were more respectable. I rate The Weathermen who were the most notorious toilet bombers of that time more highly. Granted, I think they may have had more malevolent intentions than they claim now, for instance, Cathy Wilkerson trained FALN members how to make bombs and they actually did blow up people. But also George Jackson, Raymond Levasseur. I am sure I can think of others. Those guys were not effete pussies. Granted, their violence did more harm than good imo, they caused the government to pass more restrictive laws and since people don’t tend to like extremists and violence, they pushed voters to the right resulting in that scumbag Reagan being elected.

Obviously, you know I have no respect at all for the US right wing, but the Democrats are still reeling from their loss, and these Antifa types, college professors etc look like lunatics to the average person. Their violent rhetoric is just going to ensure Trump another term and push the populace further to the right. All over a guy that more resembles a mixture of Nixon and Bill Clinton than Hitler, who is only temporarily in office, and many of the policies that he did enact will be reversed by the next Democrat in office. Democrats will eventually get their TPP, get to continue being warmongering imperial leftists, have a more aggressive and undiplomatic relationship with China, North Korea, and Russia, and all the other very few things Trump has actually done that has been different from what came before even if he has become more like a standard Republican the longer he has stayed in office.

Anyone acting like they need to be some kind of revolutionary just because Trump is in office is a qualified retard. Americans are so melodramatic over politics and they mostly get outraged over whatever the media they watch or their party leaders tell them to. They almost never get overworked about things that are actually going on that are immensely harmful, usually bipartisan, and resulting in people actually dying, countries being destroyed, a middle class that is shrinking, people still being unemployed, socio-economic classes beginning to look more like a caste system etc ad nauseum. Instead, the parties of Tweedledee and Tweedledum keep on behaving as if we alternately keep electing Stalin and then Hitler. And these people really believe this crap.

And the Hollywood crowd is amongst the worst. You’ve got diaper wearing Robert de Niro with his tough guy grandpa Mafia act autistically and monomaniacally complaining about Trump when he was totally silent about Obama’s worst offenses. Then you’ve got Rose McGowan there who looks like an extra in the film Girl Interrupted. Look, she probably has some interesting things to say, I feel bad for her for her shitty childhood, and I feel bad she is probably a basket case, I don’t know the specifics of what Harvey Weinstein did to her, but I feel bad for her over that too, but thesbians and musicians usually are pretty stupid clueless people when it comes to politics, just like most people, musicians especially seem to suffer from excessive brain damage, and both from an overabundance of self love. I can’t think of any of them I would take seriously when it comes to politics, philosophy etc. We’ve gone from people reading someone like Mencken or Twain for political opinions, to looking to Roseanne Barr (who sadly looks sane compared to today’s US progressives, something I never thought I would ever think of her as) or Matt Damon for political guidance. And it is just going to get worse.”

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  1. One with no respect at all for the right can’t realistically gripe about the derangement of the left. The wellspring of far left radicalism is the fact that they consider the right in approximately the same light as nazis considered my grandparents. One who cannot concede a single point of respect to their opposition isn’t an opponent, they are a mass murdering psychopath waiting to take the reigns of power and use it on helpless victims.

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