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Romney praises Trump’s first year in office: It’s similar to things ‘I’d have done’

Another former Never Trumper admits Trump turned out to be just another moderate Republican/neocon stooge, as all presidents ultimately do if they want to remain alive, out of jail, and employable when they leave office.

By John Bowden


Mitt Romney wearing a suit and tie standing in front of a building

Former GOP presidential nominee and current Senate candidate Mitt Romney praised President Trump’s first year in office on Tuesday, saying it was similar to what the first year of a Romney administration would look like.

In response to a question from a voter in Utah, Romney seemed to indicate that he largely approved of the policies pursued by the Trump administration during Trump’s first year in the White House, calling it “better than expected,” the Washington Examiner reports.

“His first year is very similar to things I’d have done my first year,” Romney said. “The things he’s actually done have been better than I expected.”


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  1. Yeah the first year of the Wall Street Mitty Administration would be everything Trump’s having but even bigger portions. This Rockefeller RINO will happily compare himself to Reagan, Bush or Lincoln. His singular achievement was ROMNEYCARE, that OBAMACARE made National. A Mormon ex-governor of Taxachusetts. Higher taxes for the workers and plenty of pretensions of “getting it” on all the right issues.
    He probably has big binders full of women and minorities. His Mormon people hardly mingle with those much.

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