Polling Shows Running on Progressive Policies Would Work in Swing Districts

I am inclined towards the view that Trumpism will result in a huge backlash from the Left, unless the Republicans are able to solve their rising demographic, cultural, and generational problems.

By Aida Chavez

The Intercept

cliché that each faction within each party believes that victory would be assured if only the party would follow their preferred policy approach. Democrats in the Congressional Progressive Caucus, which has been becoming increasingly involved in primaries across the country in a way it hasn’t before, now has polling to back up its claim.

The data, crunched by Democratic pollster Celinda Lake, comes from a survey of 600 likely 2018 voters over the phone in 30 targeted swing districts, and an additional oversample of 300 Democratic-leaning surge voters. (Those are people who don’t have a history of voting and are less certain to vote in 2018.)

Swing districts often have a roughly equal balance of Democrats and Republicans, leading political strategists to advise moderation as the path to victory. But, Lake’s poll found, that’s not what voters in those districts actually want.

Almost three-quarters of the voters surveyed, for instance, supported “Medicare for All.” Policies dealing with cheaper prescription drugs, infrastructure, protecting Social Security and Medicare, and cracking down on Wall Street, are exceedingly popular with swing and surge voters alike, the survey found.


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  1. The progressives are disliked even more than the right. Coner Lamb won should he was not thought of a progressive. Plus, they adored California and New York which have the worst GINI ratings in the us. Progressives have supported more homeless problems in California and New York by driving up economic development in large Cites like San Franscio and New York and hurting rural areas. They suck worst than the right.

  2. Also, they hate lower middle class whites. The progressives I have met on the internet are bad mouthing whites that vote Republican all the time as a lower class group. They are snobs, snobs, if you don’t live in Berkeley they disliked your.

    • Jim Webb did very poorly in the Democratic primaries in 2016, which was a shame because he actually had some good ideas. Of all the major party candidates in 2017, my favorites were Lincoln Chafee and Jim Webb.

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