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“Disunite and Be Dominated!”

Baraka was one of the great American black nationalist writers of the 20th century. His point is this statement is what I have always said as well. Merely promoting demographic conflict helps rather than hurts the system. Look at how easily the system has coopted anti-racism, feminism, gay rights, etc. over the past few decades. Look at what a joke Trumpism has turned out to be. But someone who favors abolishing the system for real is a genuine threat. The entire panoply of “extremist” tendencies in North America, including SJWs, Antifa, Anarcho-leftoids, Alt-Right/Lite, Neo-Nazis, and “Patriots” seem incapable of comprehending this.

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  1. It’s easy to understand why white Americans were jettisoned and why they will eventually be liquidated. They offer the prefect foil against which to develop multi-racial coalitions. Africans have little overlap with mestizos and even less with south or east asians, but given the wealth of white communities and their serial lack of self-esteem, joining forces to butcher the fatter calf is vastly better in the short run than bucking the trend and defending white people from such predation.

    Around a third of the white population believes they are true moral inferiors and embraces their punishment. Another third is disinterested in race at all and wants to pursue individual interests. The last third is racially aware and making noise about defending their shared future as a hated global minority with no homeland or self-determination. The numbers leave open a rather obvious conclusion. The former will win martyrdom and the latter will lose their lives appealing to the middle in a vain attempt to undo a few hundred generations of individualists evolution.

    Imagine yourself as a racial outsider to this. You wouldn’t understand the individualism fetish of the white group. It would make even less sense to consider putting yourself in harms way to defend them. Who then is the latter day Baraka? Isolated individual Africans doubtless exist who agree with his sentiment, and yet an overwhelming super-majority believe in the opposite. The same situation can be described with every minority group down the line from wildly successful Jews and Arabs to woefully downtrodden Carribe and Mestizos.

    The question is not who will lay down their arms to destroy the system. The question is who will be higher up the food chain when the hated white man is gone. The state is, after all, a system of men and nothing outside of them.

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