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“Anti-Imperialism” vs. “Anti-Fascism”: A Brewing Rivalry on the Left?

The source for this extended essay is somewhat dubious, but its content is interesting nevertheless. This kind of writing seems to have become increasingly common in some far left circles. A serious rivalry seems to be brewing between the “anti-imperialist” and “anti-fascist” camps among the far left. The anti-imperialist far left tends to be Stalinist or Maoist oriented, or at least has its roots in all that, and favors supporting anti-imperialist (or at least anti-Western imperialist) regimes worldwide. However, a problem is that anti-imperialist regimes tend to be socially and culturally conservative (which is true of the developing world generally). The Western Left has made “anti-cultural conservatism” into its primary issue in recent decades. While the anti-imperialist far left emphasizes opposition to Western/American hegemony, the Western Left (which some far left anti-imperialists described as the “colonial left”) emphasizes cultural leftism, with so-called “anti-fascism” being the most extreme example of this. So the issue seem to come to down who the different factions of the far left regard as a greater enemy, Western imperialism on one hand, or things like “fat phobia” on the other hand. Another complication is that sectors of the “far right” have adopted a view of international relations that is almost identical to that of the anti-imperialist Left. So the far right and far left end up at largely the same place on foreign policy issues, which is an outrage to the left-wing camps that regard anti-fascism, anti-cultural conservatism, anti-rightwingism, etc. to be their primary value. For those uninterested in reading the whole essay, a decent summary is offered here.


An Investigation Into Red-Brown Alliances: Third Positionism, Russia, Ukraine, Syria, And The Western Left

Originally posted on Ravings of a Radical Vagabond this is a comprehensive summary of Third Positionist fascist currents old and new, and the successful insertion of their ideas into leftist milieus and alternative media outlets.

Note for safety purposes: this post will contain links to far-right pages for documentation and sourcing purposes, and any link to such a page will be in bold and italic, such as this.

Note: Several revisions were made to this post between its initial publication and its present re-publication, and therefore there might be significant differences between its present form and quotes from its original version, such as in Tendance Coatesy‘s boosting of this post and commenting it (which I highly encourage reading).

This long post started as an investigation about the Left and Syria which I started after I read the Sol Process blog’s publicati0n of three posts concerning shady pro-Assad sources used in leftist circles (which can be read here: part I, part II, part III), and which later expanded into a more extensive investigation. I also thank the acknowledgement of my blog post by Russia Without BS, whose blog was helpful in the initial stages of my research.


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  1. Anti-Imperialist Left and Racialist Right are natural allies for the most part. Anti-Fascist Left and Right/Left Liberalism are natural allies in their work. Even Paul Ryan endorsed ANTIFA.

  2. Keith, are you interested in putting the link to the Global Research into your list of recommended websites? Along with CounterPunch, this site is one of the Web centers for the Anti-Imperialist Left, towards which the author of the LibCom essay described above is openly hostile. I, personally, found his decrying of the “conspiracy theories” quite ridiculous and unthinking. Any theories, “conspiracy” or not, are either true or false, and need to be accessed on their own merits.

    So, Keith, would you like to embed a link to the “Global Research” here? Or are you unsympathetic to anything resembling “conspiracy theory” as well, and thus do not want it here? Since the anti-imperialist stuff published on this website is undeniably high in depth and quality, and similar to many of your own ideas.

    • I’m actually a fan of Global Research. I agree that along with Counterpunch it’s one of the few seriously anti-imperialist left-wing outlets that is still around. Dissident Voice and Black Agenda Report are also pretty good. I can add a link to GR.

      I’m not really a fan of conspiracy theories per se, but I don’t find them to be any more ridiculous or useless than most of the “normal” political, religious, or philosophical views that are considered to be mainstream or socially acceptable.

      • Thanks Keith – good to see that someone appreciates the anti-imperialist thought as much as I do.

        As for “conspiracy theories” – I’m not a fan myself, actually; I’m just not scared by them, as many of the Left are. This is, I do NOT believe that some Fiendish Secret World Goverment is out to get us; happily to us all, world in general is NOT controlled by anyone, covertly or openly. Yet, along with people like Gore Vidal or Michael Parenti, I’m pretty certian that different groups within different state and corporate elites can and do conspire to achieve their own ends at the expense of anyone else (including other, competing elite groups). So, I’m not offended by the very notion of “conspiracy”, as long as it remains on the level of evidence-and-logic-based analysis of specific covert (and oftentimes violent) deeds of specific personal and collective actors within the elite circles and do not move to evidence-and-logic-free postulation some kind of grandiose, united, secret, global – and demonically evil – ruleship (which is pretty much socially impossible).

  3. The idea that ‘fat phobia’ can compete with anti-imperialism as an agenda item just proves that the majority of leftists are mentally deficient.

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