Would Libertarianism Make People Fat?

In the spirit of Paul LaFargue and Bob Black. This is precisely the kind of libertarianism we need, not bourgeois conservatism or SJW ninnyism. “But freedom will make people lazy and decadent!” Response” “Yeah? What of it?”


Without all the taxes and regulations that force people to continuously generate income to survive, it’s quite possible that many people would be even lazier than they are today. If one could simply build on land or buy it, and had to pay for nothing but repairs and vittles for themselves, many people might find themselves at work two or four hour days and spend the rest of their time watching hentai and drinking beer.

An increase in economic prosperity has led to an increasingly slothful and self-indulgent population in every case I can think of. A large, free trade economy might produce hordes of people for whom survival is so simple as to make effort almost superfluous.

Such an environment would also open the pathway to many low-efficiency lifestyles – the wealthier you are, the more you can indulge cult superstitions, smoke crack and alienate everyone without risk of starving to death. Imagine all the ‘anarcho-primitivists’ with their camping gear shipped into the Amazon by Amazon drones – making a few dollars a day selling pictures of the rain forest to advertising firms.

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    • The idea that freedom=decadence is more of right-wing critique of libertarianism than a leftist one, although similar ideas were common among Communists as well. Although it could be argued that Communists were the ultimate reactionaries. What did they really do except establish modern equivalents of the ancient tyrannies like Babylon and Egypt, complete with “sun-god” emperors?

  1. “But freedom will make people lazy and decadent!” Response” “Yeah? What of it?”
    Of course this comes from taking virtues out of context. Working hard, saving your money, lifting weights, etc. are instrumentally useful. They can be useful in preserving one’s liberty, among other things. But the bourgeois have created a mythology of the virtues, so that they are no longer means to ends but ends in themselves.
    Even in a free society, people with these virtues will have an advantage – in fact, they might possess a tremendous advantage as their comrades become couch potatoes. But such people – who improve themselves without having to, who plan things out for more than a week, etc. – have always been a minority.

    • Well, all of that is what I mean when I say liberty would likely allow the Nietzschean ubermensch to thrive, and not the crazy idea wrongfully attributed to me by some leftist critics that I somehow favor a super class of slave masters, lol.

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