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Positing for a moment the existence of a national state after the American revolutionary war, what should its attitude toward foreign lands be? I believe the answer is “none.”

Jefferson had no business conducting operations against the British in the War of 1812, nor against the Barbary Pirates. Though it may have escaped the notice of the Empire of Liberty’s spiritual architect, neither the Atlantic Ocean nor the shores of Tripoli are within the boundaries of the 13 colonies. What happens to people abroad – even Americans – is no business of the Feds. When Americans go abroad to do business, to fight revolutions, or to plunder natives the burden is upon themselves and the national governments of those regions to protect them. The American tax-payer or soldier has no obligation to defend the adventures of some bootlegger, nor does the American Federal Government have jurisdiction over them.

The national state should have no attitude toward the legitimacy of foreign states – it should neither recognize nor criticize them. In their public life, the duty of politicians is to sit down and shut the fuck up. Their opinions are not sought, nor relevant. They are to behave, in every way possible, as soulless automatons who are only due to come online when the specifically granted constitutional powers are invoked. When it is unclear, the bias should be toward inactivity.

Commerce with foreign nations – including the sale of heavy munitions – should be entirely within the sphere of private citizens. Likewise, the importation of arms in the United States – arms of any sort whatsoever – are no business of the Federal government. If US citizens wish to travel abroad as pirates, mercenaries, and revolutionaries the Federal government shall take no notice of this – nor shall they be responsible to extradite him for any crimes allegedly committed outside of its jurisdiction.

The sole, proper use of the money and military forces at the disposal of the Federal government (in this hypothetical scenario) would be to prevent the physical invasion by foreign armies against the constituent states. Beyond that, they have no ambit of operation, and can not draw upon one penny of the public funds either to support or undermine any foreign regime.

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  1. “…neither the Atlantic Ocean nor the shores of Tripoli are within the boundaries of the 13 colonies. ”
    I forgot to add, “and neither is Louisiana!”

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