Against Plutocratic Communism

“Plutocratic Communism” is a great term. Communism was one of the biggest scams in history. “Wealth and property are bad! Let’s give it all to the state!” Not even the priestly conjurers of god-emperors or the divine right of kings came up with something that good. Communism was what you would have had if the Jim Jones Peoples’ Temple cult had been in charge of 46 countries  (with Nazi Germany being the equivalent of the Manson Family running an actual state).

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Libertarian liberty CAN be totally subsumed under ‘property rights’, but one must also account that the strict interpretation of ‘property rights’ rules out legal monopolies of jurisprudence. The problem with a lot of ‘vulgar’ libertarians is that they still believe in useless garbage like ‘limited government’, the State is and always will be an agent for the wealthy and well-connected, this was true in the 14th century, the 19th century and today. ‘Property rights’ under a system of state-administered ‘justice’ is just a racketeering operation, and its ‘laws’ are nothing more than a pretense for tyranny. There is no such thing as a system of libertarian property rights and contract so long as the State exists, end of story. ‘Libertarians’ who aren’t willing to face up to the need to abolish all centralized states and empires – not ‘reduce’ them, no ‘control them’, not write garbage ‘constitutions’ – are useful idiots for the Plutocratic Communism engendered under state dispensation of the law.

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  1. The idea I have with ‘plutocratic communism’ is taking off of what Mises said about the state using regulation and its control of licensing, credit, etc. to create what is in effect a socialist system of total monopoly. Of course, not all forms of regimentation are the same, nor their objectives – we have a monetary-property hegemon which uses its mastery over justice and enforcement to gradually manipulate the positions of the people who control these state organs. Sometimes at cross-purposes, and with all manner of local flavor.

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