3 Unique Benefits of Studying an Online Masters in Software Development

If you are looking at furthering your computer skills, cracking codes and enhancing your career, studying a master’s degree in software development could be the choice for you. With many online universities now offering master’s degrees in software development, regardless of whether you have little or a lot of experience, a degree is right at your fingertips.

You Can Complete It in Your Own Time

Studying an online masters in software development through an institution like Maryville University means you don’t have to attend classes in a university and give up your job or your days. Instead you can still work, and in your free time in-between juggling family and social life you can complete your work and watch online lectures. For this reason and many others, online courses are becoming increasingly popular, as you can gain a master’s degree from the comfort of your bed or your favorite café. It really has never been easier.

Career Choice

Gaining a master’s in software development can give you a career choice in so many different fields, suiting everyone’s needs and preferences. Last year, the average earning for a software developer was $102,280 a year. As technology is forever growing, there is always a need for new software as we become more reliant on mobiles and computers for everything from social life to healthcare. There will always be a job for someone who holds a master’s degree in software development. Earning a degree can also help you get up the career ladder faster, as you hold an up-to-date relevant degree, meaning you will have more updated knowledge and ideas. You may work in jobs ranging from IT support to software tester, depending on what you enjoy doing, or where your skills lie.

You May Help Create the Next Big Thing

Having a career in software development means you could be behind the next big thing that is released in technology. Whether this be a game, an application or virtual reality, having a masters behind you can give you the experience and knowledge needed to help create all of these, and more. Being able to help create and test any of these is a unique experience that not a lot of people will understand or have the chance to do, therefore software developers are in a privileged position, even better if you have a real love of technology.

Gaining a software development master’s degree can help further your career in your current technology role, or help you gain a career in technology or IT if you have a special interest in software development. The course can be completed in as little as 10 months, and you can still work alongside it as you complete it in your spare time. With many different career paths to choose from, a great starting salary and a chance of discovering the next big thing in technology, why not get a brochure today and see what an Online MSSD degree can do for you.

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