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No, It’s Not the Troops Fault

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It is politically inappropriate and strategically counter productive to merely denounce rank and file members of the military as hired goons for the state. One of the most important political occurrences that happened in US history was the success of the anti-Vietnam War movement, and the consequent delegitimization of imperialist wars and military conscription. This success has reduced the US state, the most powerful state in history, to having to fight imperialist wars with armies of indentured servants, mercenaries, and proxy forces. The indentured servants that comprise the state’s official armed forces are largely generated by the economic draft which results from the ongoing impoverishment of poor and working class communities. That’s the reason why the US armed forces are both disproportionately minorities and disproportionately from white working class strongholds like the Rust Belt. The bottom line is that we need our vets for the revolution.

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  1. Strategy be dammed, low rent mercenaries deserve to be destitute and paralyzed. The base babysitting ones are just welfare whores, but a large proportion of the active duty ones are assassins, and just because they’re too stupid or cowardly to resign is no excuse. Bottom line is that they are not drafted and can usually avoid deployment by a variety of means, including willful incompetence, but they’d rather blow away villagers than sit in the brig. I don’t care what happens to them, I hope they get their cocks shot off and the VA gives them AIDS from a botched blood transfusion.

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