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The Establishment Center is the Real Enemy

Some interesting comments from Lorenzo Komboa Ervin posted below.

I would agree with much of his analysis, except to say that Trump is not a fascist. He’s more like the Republicans we had back in the 70s like Nixon and Nelson Rockefeller (which is bad enough). It’s possible to criticize the establishment without exaggerating. All of the things that are being criticized in this statement have been generated by the neoconservative/neoliberal Center, and not by “fascists.” Radicals need to forget about these loopy fringe groups and start focusing on attacking the state/corporate/imperialist Center. The most dangerous thing about the far right at present is that some of them commit individual violent crimes (which makes them no different than tons of other violent criminals in US society). Other than that, the neo-Nazis and other similar tendencies are irrelevant pariahs. And the Antifa are Maoist and Trotskyist infiltrated gangsters that are just as worthless as commie terrorist groups from the past like the Weathermen.

From Lorenzo Komboa Ervin

My point of differentiation with Antifa, the ARA, and many Anarchists is that I have always considered the state and monopoly capitalist corporations as the greatest threat of fascism, not fascist street forces. A pro-fascist coalition now runs the state itself with the Trump administration, which screams out for new strategy and tactics.

The other thing is that Antifa do not unite with the history of Black anti-fascism and unite with communities of color. I have had this criticism for many years, and I think for Antifa to go to the next stage, it must build a mass movement, not just serve as a vanguard paramilitary force alone.

We have seen the war on drugs and rise of mass imprisonment of Blacks/POC, 30 + years of mass murders of Blacks/POC by paramilitary police, austerity attacks against the poor, the rise of corporate power and consolidation with the state, and so on, all of which opened the door for Trump’s corporate fascist regime.

We have not had a *mass anti-fascist movement, which has challenged the rise of fascism itself. Just a vanguard Left versus a vanguard Right, this erases the role of POC, and has left the movement at an infantile stage. I am not spreading hate at AntiFA like Chomsky or Chris Hedges, just stating that constructive criticism it must change and expand its agenda for the good of the entire movement and its ability to crush all forms of fascism. We just need to do more than punching the Nazis in the face, which even that is changing since they have formed an armed militia which will shoot and kill you.

BUT, maybe I am wasting my time even talking about this, as I have been doing for years, and it still won’t get through, and that activists of color should just start organizing its own anti-fascist tendency of a new type: for revolutionary autonomy, liberation, class warfare, and anti-authoritarianism. Either way it is all good. All power to the People, and I don’t just mean white people.

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  1. I think the problem is most people. The Establishment exists because of them. If I didn’t have to live with them I’d be perfectly happy if most humans nuked each other.

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