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The Spreading Antifa Virus

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit Exile in Happy Valley There’s a storm brewing, dearest motherfuckers, or so I’m told. And I’m not talking about climate change. The wild wild world of the world wide web is ablaze with rumors, dark rumors, rumors told of a Fourth Reich, […]

Fascists of the Left

Some comments from a Facebook friend on Antifa: Just because a group claims to oppose fascism, that doesn’t make their fascistic behavior any less fascistic. Black bloc so-called anarchists train in organized street fighting, wear uniforms which simultaneously shield them from accountability and mark them as an organized […]

The Ugly Side of Antifa

By Leighton Woodhouse Yesterday, at the anti-Alt-Right rally in Berkeley, I watched groups of masked Antifa members in Black Bloc formation swarm individuals who were apparently antagonizing them, and pummel them with their fists, feet, and flagpoles. When the victims tried to escape, they were run down, and in at […]

The Rise of the Violent Left

Relevant observations from a Facebook commentor: Say whatever else you want about antifa, they’re outlook on combat strategy and their tactics are more suited for socially softer places, like Europe. If this stuff keeps up they are going to get mowed down and slaughtered by the police state, […]

Against the “Anti-Fascist” Creeps

A Review of Alexander Reid-Ross’ “Against the Fascist Creep” by Keith Preston Academic Gloss for the Antifa For decades, a minor cottage industry of professional “anti-racists” and “anti-fascists” has existed for the purpose of perpetually sounding the alarm about the imminent threat posed by supposed “far right extremists.” […]

2nd American Civil War

By Colt Survivalist Boards For those of you who don’t know me, I have extensive history and connections in leftist activism from previous movements, but I’m essentially a pariah now because I split with them when the the SJWs seized power from the older relatively moderate activists and […]

What is Fascism?

By Woensdag National Revolutionary Voice of the Netherlands On the 23rd of May, 1919 the former revolutionary Marxist Benito Mussolini established the “Fascio di Combattimento” (combat union) with a small group of sympathizers in Italy. Until 1920 it remained a marginal group in the extreme leftwing of the […]