Left and Right

A violent Antifa vs Antifa gang war has broken out

All those nice, humanitarian Antifa folks just doing their part in the righteous struggle for social justice.

Narrative Collaspe

Update: Thanks to online attacks between rival Antifa, we have learned that a member of Nashville ARA was charged with rape last January.

Recently, scores of Antifa attacked people attending an event at Michigan State University. Eventually, police intervened and arrested twenty-four Antifa. The Antifa perps were arraigned and released on bail over the course of the next three days. Twelve were charged with misdemeanors and four with felonies. (We are still trying to locate the names of the last four charged with felonies.)

According to Antifa sources, over $25k was spent on bail money and some of the people charged with misdemeanors are still under investigation for possible felony charges. Lacy MacAuley, a major leader of the Antifa movement, was charged with a felony. It appears that two of her travel companions from the DC area were charged with misdemeanors.

It has now been disclosed that a violent mob fight erupted between rival Antifa gangs later that night. Local Antifa affiliated with the Great Lakes Antifa [GLA] say they were ambushed and attacked by members of a visiting gang called Nashville ARA. One member of the GLA gang, described only as “Jewish comrade,” was bashed in the head with a metal police baton.


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