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Former ‘Antifa’ Speaks Out

An interesting interview with a former Antifa turned (regrettably) Trump voter. This is a must listen. The solution to the problems of anarchism is not to embrace Trump, but to build a better quality anarchist movement (i.e. one that is purged of Antifa and SJW influences). Some of us are working on that.

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  1. The insights that this fellow provides concerning the problems of the Antifa, SJWs, and anarcho-leftoids are 100% correct. But the trajectory that this former Antifa has followed is no different from that of many former commies from past generations including the authors of “The God That Failed” from the first generation of commies, Arthur Koestler, Sidney Hook, James Burnham, Frank Meyer, Ernst van den Haag, Irving Kristol and Norman Podhoretz and other early neocons, David Horowitz,Peter Collier, Ron Radosh and other “Second Thoughter” types, Christoher Hitchens and other “liberal hawks,” etc. in the sense of drifting from communism or cultic leftism to apologetics for the right-wing of the ruling class. The solution to the Antifa/SJWs is not Trump, Ann Coulter, or Republicans but real anarchism.

    There is nothing wrong with opposing fascism. All sensible people are opposed to fascism. But it is necessary to oppose left-wing authoritarianism/totalitarianism with equal zeal, and to refrain from adopting authoritarianism as a means of opposing authoritarianism. There is nothing wrong with having an anarchist tendency that is primarily devoted to “opposing fascism” so long as Communism and other forms of illiberalism are not being facilitated in the process. There is nothing wrong with having anarcho-commmunism as an economic preference so long as it is actual anarcho-communism and not just repackaged Bolshevism. There is nothing wrong with having groups whose purpose is to be “against racism and sexism” so long as these do not become quasi-theocratic cults with an Inquisition of its own.

    There is nothing wrong with favoring the rights of ethnic minorities, women, gays, transgenders, the disabled, Muslims, immigrants, the young, the old, etc. But these standards need to be applied evenly. Skin color, gender, sexual orientation, being transgender, etc. should be no different than the “victimless crimes” identified by libertarians in the sense of not being a legitimate basis for persecution by the state or criminalization, but nothing that entitles anyone to special recognition or license for cultivating out-group hostility against others. The principles of free association should also be upheld and people should be free to form voluntary communities and collectives that reflect their own beliefs and values, no matter how liberal, conservative, libertine, puritanical, religious, or secular they may be.

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