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See the facts about the Charlottesville riot. You decide what they mean.

An interesting discussion of Charlottesville from a relatively neutral perspective. The analysis of this blogger is fairly similar to my own. Charlottesville is not an issue in which I have a horse in the race. I see the situation as one where the state simply lost control, whether deliberately or through incompetence, of a situation where two groups of statists-in-waiting (both of whom would probably create an even worse state than the one we have now) were engaged in low level fourth generation warfare conflict. I am interested in simply trying to figure out exactly what happened. My commentary on the incident thus far has been criticized by both the Left and Right for allegedly slighting their own side, which leads me to the conclusion that I am probably getting a lot of things right.

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By Fabius Maximus

Summary: The riot at Charlottesville’s “Unite the Right” event is trivial by historical standards. But it is rich with insights into modern America. This street fighting, like that of the Weimar Republic, might be a milestone on America’s path to an ugly future. Here are the facts about what happened, fairly showing both sides in action. You decide their significance. At the end you will see my proposed solution.

“Where are the police?” shouted a man shortly before noon.”
— From the NYT. We still don’t know the answer. Officials refuse to answer.


  1. About the events in Charlottesville.
  2. About the police response.
  3. About the armed militia!
  4. An “F” for the police response.
  5. Journalists have their big story.
  6. We’re victims. It was their fault!
  7. The bad news. And a solution.
  8. For More Information.


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  1. You’re wrong about this. The Government is trying to put up a police state. This was what they call a false flag psy op. The guy who set this up is a Leftist funded by Soros. The Governor and Mayor sent cops there to close down a legal peaceful demonstration when Soros paid instigators started trouble. Witnesses saw “BLM” and “Klan” coming off the same bus. They are paid crisis actors. Yeah it really is a conspiracy. Like the “Patriot Act” that supposedly provides protection against “terrorism”. Bin Laden was a member of the Saudi Royal Family. He was seriously ill way before 9/11. He was probably dead before it happened. There is no “Al Queda”. Like ISIS its a CIA run operation. ISIS is trying to overthrow Assad so they can build a pipeline through Syria. Russia and Putin see this as a threat to Gazprom the Russian State Gas Company. Putin is sending Spetnaz and MIGs to save Assad to block “ISIS” which is a bunch of CIA spooks running Soldier of Fortune and ex-Blackwater guys as some sort of “terrorist” attack.
    There really are conspiracies. Its not theory.

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