Who Do Americans Blame for the Violence in Charlottesville? 4

What I find most interesting about this poll is that despite the common far left claims that Republicans are merely fascists and Nazis under another name, these results show that a super-majority of Republicans either blamed both sides (64%)or the far right (18%) for the melee, indicating that actual sympathy for the far right among Republicans or mainstream conservatives is actually very minimal.

By Gwynn Guilford


Which side—the white nationalists or the counter-protesters—bears greater responsibility for the Charlottesville violence, which directly resulted in the death of a 32-year-old counter-protester? It should be a factual question. And also a moral one, considering that the demonstrators had gathered in the spirit of a homegrown terror group that lynched thousands of blacks and a foreign one that murdered around 6 million Jews.

Yet in the America of the moment, the question is a political one.

Only 18% of Republican respondents blame the white-nationalist groups for the bulk of the Charlottesville violence, according to a SurveyMonkey poll with 2,181 participants, via Axios. (Update: Note that this was not a scientific poll—here is the methodology—and may not be representative of the view of all Americans.) Some 64% think both sides share responsibility equally. Perhaps more alarmingly, only 46% of all the respondents put the blame on the white nationalists, while four in 10 condemn both sides equally.




      • By the same methodologies through which the aforementioned election polling was inaccurate. Samples are typically skewed left, “moderate,” and “right,” are typically drawn from moderate and right-wing areas known to be skeptical or hostile to Trump. There is also immense social pressure to be considered. Most on the right or center-right now understand they are never truly anonymous.

        It would be wildly optimistic to assume a heavily biased progressive media outlet would want to publicize honest polling considering their near-term record from the election and post-election using the opinion poll as a political weapon.

        Would you accept at face value Israeli/Palestinian opinion polls from an outlet explicitly funded for the advancement of the Likud party? I certainly hope not.

        • “Would you accept at face value Israeli/Palestinian opinion polls from an outlet explicitly funded for the advancement of the Likud party? I certainly hope not.”

          LOL, okay. Point well taken. Although I don’t know that the results of that poll are especially favorable to the Left. Certainly, the authors of the article didn’t think so. They also admit the polling method is unscientific. Are you saying that “true” polling results would be that much more favorable to the Right? If so, how would that fit with the narrative of demographic or ideological decline?

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