Left and Right

On Charlottesville: A Conversation with Keith Preston

My interview with Millennial Transmissions.

More than any other recent conflict in current affairs that I can recall, the Unite the Right rally and subsequent clash in Charlottesville have been immensely difficult to find objective, unbiased accounts and explanations of. The mainstream media have proven to be intent on sensationalising and stupefying the incident, whilst reports on the left and right have offered almost nothing but narrow-sighted, ideological spins on the events that took place.

I reached out to Keith Preston to find out his take on the conflict, having been impressed by his own article ‘Some Initial Thoughts on Charlottesville.’ A former instructor of sociology at John Tyler Community College, Keith holds a B.A in Religious Studies and an M.A in History, with additional graduate studies in Sociology and Criminology, and is a former regional delegate for the Industrial Workers of the World. As the anarcho-pluralist and pan-secessionist mastermind behind the Attack the System blog and podcast, and author of multiple books on anarchist and anti-statist matters, I knew that with his encyclopedic knowledge of cross-spectrum political currents and organisations and his multidisciplinary approach to complicated issues that he could be relied upon to give a well-rounded, non-partisan analysis of the events that took place on that fateful weekend (or at least as solid an account as possible considering the nebulous, conflicting reports available so far).


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