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The ‘Unite The Right’ Rally Is Going To Be A Turning Point For White Identity In America

By Vincent Law


If you haven’t heard yet, let me inform you that the largest ethno-nationalist rally of the 21st century is being planned for August 12th in Charlottesville, Virgina.

Everyone who isn’t hiding out in Nigeria or Eastern Europe is going to be there.

Despite all the internal bickering and squabbling that has characterized the pro-White movement the last couple of decades, everyone has managed to put aside their differences to focus on this rally.


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  1. Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but this event looks to be little than an anti-PC theme party. The question that I don’t see being asked here is “unite the right”…to do what? If the objective is simply to express solidarity among right-wing leaders and organizations, okay, fair enough. But toward what purpose? Organizing a mass movement to halt immigration? That seems to be the most commonly agreed up issue among the alt-right/alt-lite. Oppose the attacks on the Confederate monuments in Charlottesville? Support President Trump?

    Is this going to be a variant of a left-wing demonstration where you see people carrying placards with everything from “Fight Racism” to “Save the Whales” to “Trans Rights!” to “Fight for $15,” only with placards saying “Support Trump,” “White Identity,” “Stop Immigration,” or “Fight the Left”?

    The alt-right seems to be falling into the trap of merely positioning itself as a reactive anti-PC/anti-SJW/anti-antifa tendency, rather than a proactive tendency with specifically delineated objectives and a plan of action for carrying them out.

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