A Quick and Dirty Summary of My Political Views

By The People’s Post Modernist

The Absurd Man

First and Foremost, I am an Egosit/Stirnerite. The metaphysical ideas of the Creative Nothing” spoke volumes to me upon reading about it for the first time. We all may exist in a void but it is our void and the more time we spend relishing in this absurdity and meaninglessness the more we reinforce our place in it allowing us to act with our unbound will (as opposed to mere ideology) in order to cope with the invent able death of our gods.

Mutualist/Distributist economics; This is one one is is pretty self-explanatory. I firmly believe that the only way for proper voluntary action to exist is by establishing an informal method of societal organization chiefly concerned with maximizing individual freedom and livelihood by radically decentralizing the MOP.

Left-Nietzschean; Again, fairly simple. A rejection on modernism/humanism swapped out for a celebration of genius and power. In this wake, we will create a new cultural paradigm in which both Masters and Slaves are rendered obsolete. Embracing the deconstructionist rhetoric of Nietzsche ad other similar thinkers, also leads us (slowly but surely)to a radical skepticism regarding societal institutions (see Foucault)

An Insurectioanry Praxis influenced by Mao, specifically Mao’s contributions to dialectical materialism, the mass line as a form of larger scale organization and his “National Communism” ext), Che Guevara primarily for his military tactics and Italian Individualist Anarchism (The Rebel’s Dark Laughter – By; Bruno Felipe is a personal favorite of mine)… Bruno was certainly a genuine anti-fa before it was trendy.

I’m also influenced by elements of Ernst Junger, (his “conservative revolution and metaphysical “Anarch” are criminally under-looked for how influential they’ve been in the realm of metaphysics) and certain elements of National Anarchism (Freedom of association/dissociation, Anti-Zionist/Globalist fronts and a rejection of Humanism/Neo-Liberalism). I’ve also come to believe that all of these ideas could be incorporated into 3rd world-ism, used to promote 3rd-world/Indigenous liberation/radical decolonization and to empower international, anti-Western nationalist groups which we shouldn’t write off as allies because the mere use of the word “Nationalism”)

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