Why Anarchists and Libertarians are just a Microcosm of the System

Some interesting thoughts from an anarchist on Facebook.

“My fear was that jokes about helicopter rides would be escalated into calls for outright genocide, which is actually starting to happen.

Some “anarchists” or “alt-right” have begun the dehumanization process of a group of people by generalizing them all as “degenerates.”

If anyone is familiar with history, this is the same thing Hitler started doing to the Jews, except he based his dehumanization tactics on an ethnic\religious group rather than a political group.

This mentality shakes me to the core, because I have maintained the idea that anarchists could keep their perspective and dignity—and that their beliefs were the opposite of murder and mayhem. But it seems like their dignity and decency has been perturbed by recent and apparent culture wars.

With that said, this is not to justify people on the economic left who choose to vandalize or destroy property. It is not to condone this childish, aggressive behavior. Indeed, I rail against this aggression and weakness of philosophy as well. However, I honestly had higher expectations of people who promote modern, libertarian anarchism. I thought they knew the dangers of dehumanizing others and trumpeting violence against economic groups as the answer. I thought they could move beyond this urgency to shed blood.

It turns out they were weak minded and desirous of warfare. Turns out they were not really freedom lovers, but hate mongers hellbent on tasting the blood of their enemies.

So I will ask any “anarchist” who have these Freudian murder fantasies a few questions: what can you do for peace instead? How can you deescalate an increasingly volatile situation without stoking the fire? How can you reign in your growing desire to hurt others? How can you better relate to others even if they are unhinged and ready for violence? How can this be resolved?

My hope is that these people talking loosely and non-jokingly about extermination can come to terms with their impulses, and we can find better ways to solve the current cultural crises.

I don’t want to see this escalate anymore.”

And my response:

I have been a anarchist for nearly 30 years, and the main thing I find disappointing about the anarchist milieu is its failure to rise above the standard left/right red/blue jihad nonsense. On one hand we have alt-right libertarian Hoppean an-caps joking about throwing people out of helicopters Pinochet-style (since when do libertarians of any kind admire military dictators?) and on the other hand we have an-coms and social anarchist anti-fascists soliciting vigilante mob action against free speech. Over the years I’ve participated in both the far left and far right around various issues, but always for the sake of alliances of convenience rather than as a true believer (like Rothbard’s alliance with the PLP and SDS in the 60s or Chomsky’s alliance with the Cato Institute in the 70s). I’ve also tried to develop ways for anarchists to get around these kinds of conflicts or manage them effectively, usually just to the consternation of both sides. The leftist-anarchists think I’m a fascist, and the an-caps think I’m a commie, lol.

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