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Keith Preston: Trump will maintain strong ties with Israel

PressTV. Listen here.

President-elect Donald Trump will maintain Washington’s strong ties with Israel and hawkish stance against Iran during his administration due to the influence of the Zionist lobby and neoconservative groups in the US, a political analyst in Virginia says.

“It’s no surprise that Donald Trump would have a point of view that favors being extremely friendly to Israel; that was evident in terms of his personal background and throughout his campaign,” said Keith Preston, the chief editor of

“During his campaign, he spoke to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which is the main organization of the Israeli lobby in the United States and he was unusually measured and restrained in the things that he was saying, compared to the way that he was normally speaking and acting when he was campaigning for office,” Preston told Press TV on Wednesday.

“So it’s clear that Trump is very concerned about how he is perceived by the pro-Israel forces in the United States and about his relationship with the pro-Israel forces in the United States,” he added.

“Trump is certainly going to be friendly to Israel in the sense that he has family connections to Israel; his son-in-law is a Jewish man; his daughter is a convert to Judaism; there’s no reason to think that Trump would be antagonistic to Israel.”

During a Sunday interview with CBS, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Trump would be a good friend to Tel Aviv. “I know Donald Trump…And I think his attitude, his support for Israel is clear,” Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu also said that he was hopeful the two could also discuss ways to dismantle Iran’s nuclear deal after Trump enters office. He added that he had five ways in his mind to disrupt the deal.

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