An Interview with Keith Preston

This is an interview I gave to a radio program earlier today. A number of topics were discussed including Donald Trump, anarchism, the alt-right, the claims of race-realism and IQ determinism, and a range of other controversial ideas.

Listen here.

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  1. I love your interviews, you and Paul Gottfried should podcast together more often, the combination is brutal.

  2. I question I have, partly psychological and partly sociological, is why conflicting factions insist on fighting over institutions instead on dividing then. I suppose part of it is elite manipulation, preferring to hold power over all rather than some, and part of it is in the box thinking that doesn’t consider the option. But I have noticed that a lot of people, on the AltRight for example, would prefer to take over the entire (largely uninhabited) USA intact as though they have some exclusive claim to it.

  3. (y) 😎 (y) 😎 (y) 😎 (y)
    la Philosophie Anti-Marxiste # 1 dans le Monde (Censuré par les ” Merdias ” et Education Nationale Socialo-Fasciste) !
    Partout sur la planète, de nombreux étudiants découvrent les principes de l’école autrichienne. La technologie de l’information avec le succès d’internet accroît cette tendance !!

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