Left and Right

The Green Party: A Party for Working People

Jill Stein is the only candidate in this election that comes close to being an actual radical, or even an actual liberal. The Trump movement is a parallel to France’s National Front. The normal Republicans are even further to the right (more like El Salvador’s ARENA or Israel’s Likud). Hillary is a center-right politician in the vein of Richard Nixon (or the Christian Democratic Parties in Europe or Latin America). Even Bernie ran as a recycled New Deal Democrat (we used to have tons of guys like that in Congress, even representing Southern states like Fritz Hollings from SC or Al Gore when he as a senator from TN). Gary Johnson is just a moderate-liberal Republican like John Anderson or Mark Hatfield. Jill doesn’t even strike me as being that far left. Her politics are similar to 1970s McGovern Democrats, and many of her views would be entirely mainstream in Europe and even Latin America, perhaps even in India.. US politics is like something you would find in the most retrograde Third World countries that still manage to practice formal democracy (like El Salvador or Bangladesh).

My perspective on this is that the US over the last 40 years has shifted far to the Left culturally but far to the Right in every other way. So what we’re getting now is a kind of “Rainbow Fascism” where even transgenders can serve in the empire’s imperial legions, and you get fired for having conservative views on race or homosexuality., while paramilitary police forces conduct 80,000 raids on private homes annually, 1 in 30 adults are under the direct supervision of the “criminal justice system” (police state), where class relations are basically where they were 100 years ago, and where the empire kills a million people in the Middle East and threatens war with nuclear-armed Russia, and yet imperialism is considered to be “just another issue” like tax policy, gun control, or same-sex marriage.

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