The Psychology of Political Polarization in the U.S. 1

The best analysis of political polarization in the US (Red Tribe vs. Blue Tribe) that I have seen to date. Jonathan Haidt argues that political ideology and party affiliation are the major dividing lines in American politics, with race and class being a distant second, and religion and gender being an ever further distant third.

Featuring Jonathan Haidt, PhD, New York University, “What Is Happening to Our Country? How Psychology Can Respond to Political Polarization, Incivility and Intolerance”

One comment

  1. His analysis seems good, but my question is: what is to be done? Americanism suggests we need to heal the rift, the radical right says that’s a fool’s errand. As a rightish nihilist I find it hard to sympathize with anyone, which in itself pushes me toward anarchism and secession. From this perspective polarization could be a good thing, in that it makes the point that the Empire is inherently unworkable and incapable of neutrality.

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