Police State/Civil Liberties

Critiques of U.S. Prison-Industrial Complex: Left and Right

The necessity of overthrowing the police state and related institutions is the most serious domestic issue in the United States at present. What’s interesting is that virtually the entire range of informed opinion recognizes this to some degree though the analytical framework and specific criticisms may vary considerably.

Mapping the New Jim Crow-a liberal perspective from Ta-Neshi Coates

Black and Liberal Complicity in Mass Incarceration by R.L. Stephens II

“New Jim Crow” Theory Doesn’t Go Far Enough-an anarcho-communist perspective

The Role of the Clinton Democrats in Mass Incarceration by Michelle Alexander

The Truth About Mass Incarceration– a social conservative recognizes certain excesses

Too Many Laws, Too Many Criminals-on federal overcriminalization

The Role of the War on Drugs in Mass Incarceration by Bill Frezza

The Racial Aspect of the History of Drug Prohibition in the U.S. Business Insider

A Comparison of U.S. Drug Prohibition and Nuremberg Racial Laws by Peter Webster

The Collapse of American Criminal Justice by William Stuntz


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