Conferences, gatherings, and meetings

An overlapping question might be how do we have anarchist meetings without armed guards to keep all the different factions from attacking each other?


Anarchists have held and continue to organize conferences, gatherings, workshops, discussions, summits, and meetings on a local and international level. These events offer an opportunity for friends new and old to meet, socialize, build and renew their networks, and have adventures together. A long list of report-backs and happenings could seemingly go on forever. This week we’re taking a look at organizing and participating in face-to-face anarchist events.

A storied past may include a time like the events of The Hague Congress and the Anarchist International of 1872, with the expulsions of Mikhail Bakunin and James Guillaume, often cited as the essential split between anarchists and Marxists. One end result was the creation of the Anarchist International of St. Imier (Switzerland) and the later International Working People’s Association (Black International, USA/Mexico).


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