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Social Conservatives, However Reluctant, Are Warming to the Idea of Trump

The poor social conservatives. They’ve gone from being useful idiots for Nixon, to useful idiots for Reagan, to useful idiots for the neocons, to useful idiots for Trump. They’re kind of like a woman that gets taken advantage of by one abusive husband or boyfriend after another. “We’ll get those Supreme Court Justices this time, we really will!”

By Jeremy Peters

New York Times

Donald J. Trump at a rally in Charleston, W.Va., this month. Credit Ty Wright for The New York Times

Activists and leaders in the social conservative movement, after spending most of the past year opposing and condemning Donald J. Trump, are now moving to embrace his candidacy and are joining the growing number of mainstream Republicans who appear ready to coalesce around the party’s presumptive nominee.

Though their support for Mr. Trump is often qualified, this change of heart is one of the more remarkable turns in an erratic and precedent-defying Republican campaign. It reflects the sense among many Republicans that, flawed as they may see him, the thrice-married billionaire is preferable to the alternative.

“Oh, my, it’s difficult,” said Penny Nance, the president of Concerned Women for America, a group that has openly campaigned against Mr. Trump. “He’s not my first choice. He’s not my second choice,” she added. “But any concerns I have about him pale in contrast to Hillary Clinton.”


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  1. I wrote a piece for Taki’s seven years ago explaining how “movement conservatism,” ever since its inception in the 1950s, was always a front for the military industrial complex and the right wing of the ruing class based in the Sun Belt, and how the entire spectrum of the American right has been repeatedly manipulated and betrayed by the “conservative movement,” the neocons, and the GOP establishment.

    “Indeed, given the phenomenal success of the “conservatives” in expanding military spending and military interventionism, and their phenomenal failure everything else, one might be tempted to argue that the former was the only issue that ever really mattered all along, and that the grassroots economic, fiscal, social, cultural, religious and patriotic conservatives who comprised the activist base and key voting blocks were, to use an ironic Leninist term, nothing more than “useful idiots.”

    I also contributed a chapter to this book describing the utter failure of the conservative movement to reduce “big government” and how libertarians, small government conservatives and free market economists have been useful idiots as well.

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