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Debate: Is There Too Much Inequality in America?

An interesting debate between free market libertarian Steve Horwitz and Rawlsian liberal Jeffery Reiman.

Wealth inequality is real, but is it fair?

The distribution of wealth in America is lopsided in the favor of the 1% – a point made by the video “Wealth Inequality in America.” This inequality is intuitively and philosophically unfair to many people, but what happens when we examine the roots of our motivation? How can society BEST help the poorest? How can individuals BEST provide better lives for themselves – and their loves ones? Can our BEST laws also be our FAIREST?

A fair society is a challenge to the status quo. Learn Liberty asked two professors — a libertarian (Professor Steve Horwitz), and an opposing philosopher (Professor Jeffrey Reiman) — to answer questions about wealth, fairness, inequality, and the United States. This is their debate.

Filmed at the International Students for Liberty Conference.

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