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Walter Block Announces Formation of “Libertarians for Trump”

Block makes a valid point about Trump’s criticisms of neocon/liberal internationalist foreign policy and his apparent lack of Russophobia.

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Walter Block
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Yesterday, libertarian theorist Walter Block announced the formation of Libertarians for Trump (LFT), a group supporting the election of businessman Donald Trump, the 2016 Republican Party presidential front-runner.

Block, an economics professor at Loyola University, writes at that he and retired cardiac surgeon Dr. Donald W. Miller Jr. created LFT to mobilize the “massive support for Donald Trump within the libertarian community.”

Although Block admits that Trump is not perfect on the issues and that whoever the Libertarian Party nominates will likely have views more aligned with his own, he consider Trump the closest to libertarianism among the candidates with a chance of winning the election.  He argues:

The Donald is the most congruent with our perspective. This is true, mainly because of foreign policy. And, of the three, foreign policy, economic policy and person liberties, the former is the most important. As Murray Rothbard and Bob Higgs have demonstrated over and over again, US foreign policy determines what occurs in economics and in the field ofpersonal liberties. Foreign policy is the dog that wags the other two tails.

We readily concede Mr. Donald Trump is no Ron Paul on foreign policy or anything else for that matter. However, compared to his Republican alternatives, the Donald stands head and shoulders above them. He has said, time and time again, things like “Look at what we did in Iraq. It’s a mess. Look at what we did in Libya. It’s a mess there too. And we’re going to repeat our mistakes in Syria? Not on my watch.” Would Cruz or Rubio ever say anything like that? To ask this question is to answer it. And, very importantly, who is the one candidate who went out of his way so as to not antagonize Russia and Premier Putin? It is the Donald, that is who. Do we really want to fight World War III with Russia? With Mr. Trump at the helm, we minimize the chances of this catastrophe occurring. (See Donald Miller’s brilliant article on this issue).  Yes, future President Trump wants a strong military, but with only a few exceptions, fewer than the other Republican candidates, only to defend our country.

Block wants supporters of the group to contact him with their name, e-mail, and profession or city of residence.   He says he will publish a list of the first 100 participants.


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  1. Hell no, he’s not. He’s anti-Edward Snowden, pro-war on drugs, pro-torture, pro-“law and order,” wants to expand domestic surveillance, etc etc etc. I do tend to share the Rothbardian view that foreign policy is paramount, and Trump’s only virtue seems to be his apparent lack of zeal for escalating hostilities with Russia, as opposed to the “normal” Republicans and the Hillaryites, and starting a war with Iran, as opposed to the neocons.

  2. Eric Margolis has an interesting and, I think, balanced take on Trump:

    This is a piece from lefist/anti-fascist Matthew Lyons that’s pretty interesting:

    I’m skeptical as to whether Trump would defeat the Dragon Lady in a general election, but a President Trump might have an interesting effect of keeping the neocons. movement conservatives, and other Republican imperialist warmongers at bay, while creating increased division and fractiousness among the political, military and corporate classes, and emboldening the Left to take a more revolutionary position, all the while continuing to diminish the status of the U.S. empire among world opinion by making the USA into a laughingstock.

    If Trump is serious about escalating state repression against Muslims and Mexicans (and I think there’s grounds for skepticism about that), then while that would be a general negative it would have the impact of further alienating the Left from the state. The foundation of the police state was the war on drugs of Nixon, Reagan, GHWB, and Clinton. So-called “anti-big government” conservatives generally supported this, liberals were certainly accomplices, and the Left was largely silent or at least lukewarm as far as offering any real opposition. The Right started criticizing the police state only when it starting infringing on groups they favor (like gun owners, property owners, and religious believers). The Left only started criticizing the police state when it’s racial disparities became obvious. Now that the police state has started to creep into every area of society and every demographic group or social class, even the right-wing Heritage Foundation and groups like that have started criticizing it. The racial component of the police state is what generated trends like “Black Lives Matter.” Growing alienation from the State certainly works in favor of those who seek its overthrow.

  3. Now, the US government according to Cat spends the most on Medicare and Social Security not defense but I was one of the few tha opposed getting involved with Kosovo. The only thing that Trump is consistent on is being Japanese in Trade. He was for high tariffs also back in the late 1980’s as for warfare he is no Pat Buchanan. As for druge, the left always tries to get rid of Tobacco. I think the worst war is against Tobacco in this country looked at the taxes on Tobacco.

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