American Decline

Donald Trump: Charlatan

I found this post on a social media site that I think sums up “The Donald” pretty well. Donald Trump is simply a huckster. The only thing he stands for is himself. That said, I’m thrilled by his electoral success thus far because it shows supposedly sacrosanct “American democracy” for the sham that it is where a billionaire plutocrat can simply buy himself the presidency or at least the nomination of a major party. This is the kind of thing you’d find in some of the most reactionary Latin American or African countries. Plus, Trump is single handedly taking the wind out of the sails of the neoconservatives, “movement conservatives,” televangelists, and GOP country clubbers all in one swoop. Maybe all of these sectors will be so repulsed by a Trump presidency, they will consider secession. I can’t wait for him to ridicule Madame Hillary the Dragon Lady in the presidential debates. Given how hated Trump is by the Left, maybe a President Trump will motivate the Left to go into full oppositional mode, and maybe our so-called “anarchists” will get serious about this arduous task of overthrowing the government.


Steve Perez's photo.

I don’t hate The Donald. Here’s the thing about Trump that I can never trust.

He lied; He lies still and no doubt will lie in the future.

In 1999 he switched from Republican to independent, then to Democrat in 2001, then to Republican in 2009 now claims to be a conservative

He favored the economic stimulus plan

He favored the automobile industry bailouts

He favored the bank bailouts

He favored the assault-weapons ban and now he says he doesn’t

He considers himself a Christian but finds no need to ever ask for God’s forgiveness

He considers himself “very pro-choice,” Even partial Birth Abortions! But now he says he’s pro-life and hates abortions even though his sister who is a Pro-abortion including partial birth abortion would make a great SCOTUS judge

He once said he was “very liberal”

He said I liked the 0bamacare mandate

He will abolish 0bamacare aka socialized medicine and adopt “universal health care” aka socialized medicine

He’s against illegal immigration but believes in a touch back policy even though he criticized Republican Mitt Romney’s harsh immigration rhetoric.

He’s against muslim refugees entering this country and Islam is a problem and yet he would consider a Muslim in his cabinet

He used hyperbole on Cruz’s eligibility when Cruz was surging in the polls which threaten his lead while he said he was perfectly eligible later

He calls Cruz a liar during the debates but when the facts are checked he himself was either ignorant of the facts or flat out lied again

He said he’s against amnesty but he financed those most of the gang of 8 guys.

He claims the wall and immigration is his biggest reason he should be elected but while Ted Cruz was fighting for the wall in Congress he was posing for pics with illegals from the dream act

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