Bernie Sanders Turnout: Young Voters Say They Back Sanders But Don’t Show Up to Vote for Him

Maybe”young voters” understand that while Sanders may be the least bad alternative, the whole show is a farce and don’t want to be bothered with this crap, and prefer to do something productive instead like go to a rave party.

That a self-avowed socialist is a credible presidential candidate for the first time in U.S. history shows how far leftward the U.S. has lurched in recent years. We’ve had the first black president, we’re on our way apparently to the first women president (unless she goes to jail), and the first socialist president is probably not far away, to be followed by the first transgender president.

By Jonathan Vankin


Bernie Sanders, by his own words, has based his entire campaign on his ability to create high voter turnout, bringing young voters and lower-income voters to the polls in record numbers, many for the first time. In fact, Sanders has based not only his campaign, but his hoped-for presidency itself on what he calls a political “revolution,” a groundswell of popular support that will somehow force his proposals — such as a new, “Medicare For All” health care system and universal, free higher education — through an otherwise resistant congress.

“All over this country,” Sanders says as part of his typical stump speech. “[Y]oung people and working people are standing up and fighting back against a rigged economy and a corrupt political system.”

But, data from the 2016 Democratic presidential primary season so far shows one big problem with Sanders’ proposed voter turnout surge — it just is not happening. If young voters and working class voters are indeed “fighting back,” they are not doing so by actually showing up to vote for Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders Young Voters Turnout

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  1. Pffff. Young people in America have short attention spans. Election cycles just last too long for them to maintain interest, even if it was in their best interest to do so. The only way to capture their attention is to hold primaries at Apple Stores and model the election schedule around the iPhone release date model. My personal experience with the “youth vote”, is that most of these young people have neither sense nor knowledge of civic responsibility or basic civil concepts.

    Democracy will not last in America.

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