Is Donald Trump a Conservative?

This article is a pretty good dissection of Trump’s actual politics, and debunks the “Trump is a fascist” hysteria coming from the Left. This piece is more or less in line with my own assessment of Trump’s politics, with the exception that I think Trump is less inclined towards philosophical conservatism than the author of this piece suggests. Instead, I’m inclined towards the view that Trump is an egomaniac for whom the presidency is the one last thing he doesn’t have. Other than that, the assessment of Trump’s views in this piece is very similar to what I would write if I were inclined to do a thorough critique of Trump, even if the author is apparently a Trump supporter which I am not.

By Dan Phillips

Traditional Right

make america great again

One of the raps against Donald Trump frequently trotted out by some of his conservative critics, often supporters of one of the more traditional conservative candidates, is that he is not really a conservative. Some even call him a liberal. Yet despite this charge, Trump continues to gain the support of prominent conservatives whose conservative credentials it is difficult to impugn.


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  1. I suppose one good thing that might come out of a Trump administration, other than the marginalization of the neocons in the GOP, would be that the Left would go into full oppositional mode once again like they did during the Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Bush. Whenever the Democrats are in power, the Left tends to go soft and starting sucking up to the System. Notice that the antiwar and civil liberties movements have completely dried up during the age of Obama, whereas during the Bush years local governments with leftist leanings were denouncing the Iraq War and the Patriot Act.

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