Left and Right

The Neocons Deny That They Really Exist

By Paul Gottfried


Although I have frequently accused Jonah Goldberg of being an intellectual vulgarian, his latest column “The Term Neocon Has Run Its Course” has convinced me that he also lives on a different planet. On this celestial body, “neocons weren’t any more hawkish than anyone else on the right.” Moreover, this group is now vanishing as a recognizable sect and anyone who persists in “using the nut charge” is embracing an anti-Semitic slur, that is, “a code for suspiciously Hebraic superhawk.” Since Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz recently suggested that he would pursue a more moderate foreign policy than the group that Goldberg assures is no longer a noticeable presence, it is important to chastise the Texas senator for his dangerous error. Cruz is perpetuating “an absurd distortion.” Although Goldberg in his extraordinary generosity would permit the right “to have a long overdue argument about how to conduct foreign policy,” he demands that participants “leave neoconservatism out of it.”


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