Therapeutic State

Blue State Intensifies the War on Drugs

By James Leroy Wilson

Center for a Stateless Society

Hawaii is ushering in the new year with the introduction of a law making it illegal for people between the ages of 18 and 20 to obtain tobacco products. Fines will be imposed on those selling tobacco to individuals in this age range as well as those purchasing it, following a three month grace period. Similar laws have been passed in cities around the country including New York and Boston.

The bill was passed by Hawaii’s Democratic governor David Ige. One would hope the Democrats would be better served by supporting less drug prohibition, rather than more. It is amazing any young people or those with a even shred of anti-authoritarian sentiment would be supportive of a party so enthusiastic about taking their liberties away.

If you can be asked to vote or told to fight and die for your country you should be able to make your own choices about tobacco use. Such a denial of liberty is both the height of authoritarianism and highly insulting to young people. Frankly, we should be teaching teens to make responsible choices rather than denying them choice. The last thing we need is the continued infantilization of American teens by the government. If you want people to act like adults, treat them as such.



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  1. Everyone picks on the right for doing the opposite but the Left while supporting legalizing pot always comes up with a scheme to stopped tobacco smoking.

  2. Well, what has happened in the US is that as the country has moved rightward politically, we’ve also moved leftward culturally in a big way. The USA is now more militarily aggressive, and with wider class divisions and more state repression than we had in the postwar era. But the society at large is more liberal than it’s ever been. So what has happened is that the cultural left has been co-opted by the system. These social justice warrior, political correct, therapeutic statist, totalitarian humanist do-gooders now play the same role as the Moral Majority or Joe McCarthy or Anthony Comstock in past times.

    The Left doesn’t see this because for 40 years all they’ve cared about is keeping abortion legal, pushing affirmative action, and legalizing gay marriage while we’ve gone down the tubes on every other issue.

    This hysterical piece by Chip Berlet about Donald Trump is a good example of what I’m talking about:

    “PRA’s founder, Jean Hardisty, explained this in her essay My On-Again, Off-Again Romance With Liberalism. At times when the Right is a growing threat and the Left is weak, she argued, “liberal reforms have to be defended. Now we are swimming against a tide that is thick with peril…and like it or not” progressives must “work with liberals, as well as with any other left-leaning sectors” in a “united front against the agenda of the Right.”57 – See more at:

    Have these assholes ever asked themselves the question of WHY the Left is weak?

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