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White Privilege and White Nationalism

This is an interesting discussion of Carol Swain’s book on white nationalism from Patheos. See here. Carol Swain is a black law professor at Vanderbilt whose book is the best book I know of on white nationalism from a non-white nationalist perspective (and possibly the best book on white nationalist period).  I first read Swain’s book when it came out in the early 2000s. Before that, I had always dismissed white nationalists as psycho-skinheads and Nazis. After reading Swain, I became aware that WN was a serious movement with intelligent thinkers involved, even if I ultimately reject the bulk of their arguments. Among the most interesting ideas Swain advanced were the set of views on politics, race, and culture. that are repeated here. I don’t necessarily endorse her perspective, but it’s an interesting viewpoint.

Ideas for improving American society
1. Honor free speech by permitting race to be discussed honestly.
2. Address and acknowledge the legitimate issues raised by white nationalists.
3. Abandon all race- and gender-based double standards.
4. End all racial preferences in employment and promotion.
5. Provide public funds in public schools for more vocational training.
6. Invest public dollars so all can at least attend community colleges.
7. If racial preferences are to be used, remove immigrants from eligibility for such.
8. Protect minorities with a more observant system for finding discrimination.
9. Dramatically reduce immigration, enforce laws against illegal aliens working.
10. Politicians need to listen to more than just recognized leaders among minorities.
11. Replace earned income credit with direct monthly wage subsidies.
12. Establish partnerships car dealers and government to help the poor with transportation.
13. Establish more humane guidelines for collecting child support.
14. Provide audit studies of state-run social welfare agencies.

What Black Leaders can and should to to help reduce racial hatred

1. Make the reduction of black crime rate the #1 issue.
2. Stop treating riots as an opportunity to press for governmental largesse.
3. End discussions and demands for racial reparations.
4. Highlight the progress that African Americans have made.
5. Start condemning and stop contributing to the illegitimacy rate.
6. Use African Americans’ faith as a tool to change behavior.
7. Provide legal aid to convicted felons so they can learn what they can do.
8. Institute training to help young blacks on how to deal with police when they have been stopped.
9. Black leaders need to read the books, articles, and web pages of their enemies.

Explosive stuff on all sides here. She knows the problems, and she’s got strong views on this stuff, and they are not always a stereotyped solution.”

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